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What types of ACL tears require an ACL treatment and surgery? – A complete guide

ACL Specialist in Chandigarh

People from all age groups are quite aware of this orthopaedic condition. Regardless of physical efficiency and abilities, you can still have an ACL tear. Most of the active women indulged in household work experience the ACL tears most. The reasons are quite common! The ACL injuries in both men and women result from a biomechanics incline that generates more stress on the knees. As per the ACL Specialist Near me, children are also victims of an ACL tear despite elders.

The ACL tear in children and youngsters is found due to aggressive sports and training. The recent generation is more competitive and goes through rigorous training and sports activities. This, as a result, creates ACL tears in them. In maximum cases, the ACL specialists avoid offering surgical procedures to treat ACL in children, as it can cause the nurturing children to deform leg growth. If you have an ACL tear and you are experiencing unbearable pain from that, then you are at the right ACL Specialist in Chandigarh. In this editorial, you will know what types of ACL tears force you to have ACL surgery. So, keep reading the column to find out some interesting facts.

How do you tear your ACL?

ACL injury in your knee can get witnessed due to several reasons. Often when you suddenly twist and turn your leg, it can cause an ACL injury. Most ACL injury in people occurs when they suddenly pause any regular movement and change the leg or knee movement direction. When you experience this sudden change in direction while landing after a jump or while pivoting, it will create an ACL tear in your leg.

Most of the ACL tears are witnessed due to high-level impact on the knee. Further, these tears get accompanied by several other injuries that can lead to other tissues.

What symptoms can you witness when you have an ACL tear?

An ACL tear not only offers you pain, rather you can experience several symptoms that you are aware that your ACL tear requires a treatment. Here are a few symptoms to encounter when you have an ACL tear.

  • Popping noise during the time of tear

This is a symptom that you can experience in real-time, and it also suggests that you have damaged your ACL. After a sudden leg twisting, you will hear a popping sound coming out of your knee. This tells that you are suffering from an ACL tear now.

  • Swelling of the knee

If you have hurt your knee badly in the recent past, you might be experiencing swelling. Most people think of it as a sprain. However, this swelling is a symptom of your ACL tear.

  • Redness and warmth in your knee

Most patients also witness redness and warmth in their knee. When you touch your knee, you can feel the warmth. This makes the pain even worse.

  • Difficulty in walking and running

Pain in your body might stay or vanish with time. However, if you have an ACL tear, you will always experience pain and difficulty in walking. This is also a symptom that warns you to have ACL treatment.

Now that you are aware of all the symptoms and causes of an ACL tear, you should also acknowledge what type of ACL tear you are having and whether it needs treatment or not? In the below paragraphs, read whether you have a partial ACL tear or complete tear.

Types of ACL injuries 

The ACL injuries in you can be of several types. However, the broadest types can get classified into partial ACL injury and complete ACL injury. The ACL injuries also get graded by the ACL specialists based on their severity. These different types of injuries also get their names as sprains. Here are three grades of ACL injuries as per the ACL specialists in Chandigarh.

  • ACL grade 1 injury

The grade one tear is a type of sprain where you will find your ACL not injured but overstretched. This overstretching usually causes pain in your knee. You don’t require surgery in most grade 1 ACL tears, as your knee remains stable.

  • ACL grade 2 injury

The grade 2 ACL tear comes categorized as a partial tear. In this type of ACL injury, the ligament in your knee gets damaged, and most likely, you will witness instability. This is usually the rarest type of injury found in patients.

  • ACL grade 3 injury

The grade 3 injury of ACL is also termed a complete tear. This type of ACL tear is severe and damages your knee to an extreme extent. When you have an ACL grade 3 injury, you will most likely have to opt for the surgery.

Out of all these ACL injury types, the ACL specialist may ask you for surgery depending on the severity. However, the ACL grade 3 injury is the only type of injury that demands surgery.

What should you make sure of after your ACL surgery?

When you have an ACL injury, you should take complete rest and restrict the movement of your leg. Use ice on the injured area to reduce the severity. However, if you still feel unstable, you should always opt for surgery. After the surgery, you should always look out for the right medicine prescribed by the ACL Specialist Near me. Getting the right medication will help you heal faster. However, along with medication, you need patience to recover.

You can expect complete recovery within the first week of surgery. The ACL surgery demands at least 8 weeks for complete healing. Thus, you should also not get indulged in intense activities. Find support to walk during the first week of treatment. Apart from that, you also need to have your self-strength to recover faster. ACL surgery recovery also requires mental strength along with physical strength.


In conclusion, this is all you must know about the type of ACL injury and what type requires surgery. Now that you are aware of symptoms and types, get the assistance of ACL specialists when you experience similar pain and symptoms.

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