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Continuity Software- Ensuring Cybersecurity in a Cyberthreats-stricken World

It is the era of the Internet, and our lives have grown to depend stronglyon it, with banking, shopping, and socializing all happening online nowadays. As we become increasingly dependent on the internet, the risk of getting affected by one of the many types of cybercrimes online increases too. Personally, as well as in our workplaces,we must guard our private information against breaches. The prominence of cybersecurity in this progressively internet-centered world is extreme. A study estimated that in 2023 the world would face approximately 33 billion account breaches. In total, 8,00,000 have been recorded in this running year, and every 39 seconds,there is one hacker attack. So, in the face ofthe severe threat of online data breaching, Continuity Software is all we need.

Founded by Gil Hecht in 2005, Continuity Software is a cybersecurity services providing company that protectsorganizations’ data and fortifies enterprise storage and backup systems. The company aims to secure and protect critical and valuable data for organizations and IT leaders. The company’s whitepapers available to the professionals on the company’s website provide them with comprehensive guidance and solutions. They offer help through an integrated approach to handling outage risks and cyber threats,help with ransomware resiliency, suggest solutions to organizations to effectively avert a ransomware disaster, and provide information for securing the backup from ransomware.

Continuity Software is equipped with professionals who innovatively and smartly provide services to enterprises. Keeping in mind thelatest trends and technologies,Continuitydeveloped a system called StorageGuard which eventually became the USP of the company. StorageGuardhas the tenacity to provide perpetual data protection, system backup, sleuthing security misconfiguration and problems, and protecting the data from getting breachedor being stolen.

StorageGuard has a three-levelhierarchy to guarantee data protection: the management, data, and recovery plane. It scans for configuration of data storage and backup on multiple areas to ensure the security of the vital data of an enterprise. It includes authentication, authorization, encryption audit logging, administrative access, services and protocols, interfaces and ports, Storage Area Networks (SAN), ransomware protection, time synchronization, data access, and many more places for data authentication to protect it.

Continuity Software comprises a highly diligent team,led by Doron Youngerwood,the Vice President of Marketing, and his whole team, whomade StorageGuardprecisely as per the requirements of today’s time. The software not only scans for configuration of data storage and backup but also detects when the system is susceptible to security issues, advisories, bulletins, alerts, and other Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

StorageGuard is designed in such a way that it is oriented with multiple storage and backup technologies to provide an extra pinch of security to any digital system. It supports block storage arrays, storage network switches, Storage Area Networks (SAN), data protection appliances, storage virtualization systems, Network Attached Storage (NAS), storage management applications, and Server-based SAN (Virtual SAN).

The creativity and modernization of Continuity Software are unstoppable,with another milestone termed as AvailabilityGuard,which helps an organization run its system smoothly and avoid abrupt interruption, outages, and data loss. Primarily,AvailabilityGuard eradicates the single points of failure, increasing the system’s efficiency. Moreover, it corroborates important data and recovery protection systems such as the Recovery point objective (RPO) and the critical retention goals of the enterprise. AvailabilityGuardguaranteesdata recovery and protection by scanning central IT systems such as databases and file systems. It monitors the potential risks and threats that cause data loss or breach. The video tutorials available on the company’s website provide extensive guidance on how to use StorageGuardand AvailabilityGuard.

Since its inception,Continuity Software has assured the quality of all its services and products to keep its clients happy and content. It partnered with approximately all multinational software companies and developed systems that align with a wide array of devices,such as Amazon, Azure, Brocade (Broadcom), Cisco, Cohesity, Commvault, Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, IBM, Infinidat, NetApp, Pure Storage, Rubrik, Veritas, Veeam, and VMware.

Continuity has joined Dell Technologies ETC Program in order to help the storage and data protection systems of customers. With this partnership, Dell customers can now supplement their storage and data protection solution with the StorageGuard ensured by Dell’s Extended Technologies Complete (ETC) program.

Very recently, in 2022, it won the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for Vulnerability Management Solution. Moreover, Continuity Software was featured in ‘Sample Vendor’ in Gartner Report: Hype Cyclefor Storage and Data Protection Technologies, 2022. It also made headlines as ‘Representative Vendor’ in Gartner Report: ‘Innovation Insight for Cyber Storage Solutions to Protect Unstructured Data Against Ransomware’ and was named Amongst ‘Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups – 2021’ by Enterprise Security Magazine. The company also came into the limelight when its Chief Technology Officer, Doron Pinhas, co-authored the NIST Special Publication 800-209.

In a chaotic time of widespread cybercrimes taking place left and right, Gil Hecht and his team innovated and formulated the best systems and services for enterprise and IT firms. The products StorageGuard and AvailabilityGuardservecomprehensive services to clients, and withthe breakthrough performance of Continuity Software, we will surely witness more wonders from them in the future.

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