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What is the Test Series in UPSC?

test series for UPSC

UPSC exams are one of the prestigious exams that a candidate can aspire to appear for. The Union Public Service Commission is a board that is incharge of taking care of the selection of candidates for coveted and prestigious posts in the Indian Government through a common examination that can be appeared by all.

This examination came to be known as the UPSC exam and is taken by aspiring District Collectors, Officials of the Police, Officials of the Indian Forests and Administrative Services. UPSC preparation is critical and the test series for UPSC is conducted by many online and offline courses by coaching centers that help people in preparing for these arduous exams.

These courses and coaching classes help students in building confidence by training them from the beginning on core subjects, the methods of preparation for the exam, the right methodology to appear for the exams, and many such important aspects of preparing for the UPSC exams.

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Preparing for UPSC

Preparing for the UPSC is a very challenging process but can be meticulously planned and executed with a good success rate. Most people who have gone through the exams and passed with high grades have sworn towards having a good preparation strategy that helps them in understanding the pattern of the examination, the syllabus of the examination, the format of the examination and the many tips and tricks that successful candidates and experts have used to crack the examination.

Just like any exams, UPSC also requires plenty of preparation, which should ideally start at least a year before registering oneself. Usually this gives the individual a good one and half year to prepare thoroughly for the exams.

Lots of writing and reading up on general sciences and General knowledge is required to keep oneself updated as the curriculum mostly involves current affairs of the country and the world.

Test series for UPSC is a great way to practice for the exams as it gives the students plenty of practical knowledge on the actual appearance of the test. The test series runs a format of the same question paper with many mock questions and has a similar grading system.

It is done online in many coaching classes and courses that candidates can apply for. It gives students real time experience of appearing for the exams without actually having to appear and therefore present a fair idea as to how the exams would be in actuality.

Tips to Score on UPSC Exams

There are many tips that experts have shared to crack the UPSC exams. Most of them can help guide the students in the right direction when it comes to preparing for the exams:

  • Start the preparations well before the exam date – one should always have a minimum of a year to prepare for the exams.
  • Choose the right subjects when it comes to optional – choose the subjects that are most comfortable for the exam taker and can easily help them score better.
  • Languages are Key – Languages are mandatory papers and can help with scoring better, therefore, being strong with languages can help boost good grades.
  • Mock tests, previous question papers, a minimum of 2 years of current affairs, and lots of test series practice can help in scoring well in the prelims and the mains when it comes to core subjects.
  • Timing is very important and therefore training oneself with speed, accuracy, and timing can help score better and avoid mistakes.

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