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What is the best method to prepare for the Class 12 board exam from NCERT solutions?

NCERT Solutions

Class 12 is crucial in every student’s life. The board exams of class 12 are the turning point of the career which is decided on the board results. Your preparation should be really thorough and your focus and dedication should be only towards your goal.

The NCERT Solutions can help prepare the students for the board exams. The chapter-wise solutions of all the subjects are given in simple language to make the preparation easy. Hence, it boosts the confidence of students. The solutions of every subject and chapter are curated by experienced expert professionals having ultimate subject knowledge.

The time is always short if the preparations are not started earlier. Also, rushing up doing many things at one time makes your preparation difficult. You have plenty of time if proper study strategy and planning are done.

It is not required to study for hours without proper sleep or rest. This way of studying is of no use. A quality study with dedication and focus regularly is enough for the Class 12 board preparation.

Early preparation is always good as you can complete the syllabus before time and you get enough time for revision. Nothing is difficult or impossible but one needs to study with full concentration and understanding.

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Making a proper study plan

To prepare a proper study plan, you should understand the syllabus of each subject and segregate the chapters for each day according to your priorities. You can prioritize the chapters mainly based on marks’ weightage and your strength. You should prioritize the topics that you are weak at. The target has to be set for each subject and chapter for completion. You cannot just take your own time as you have many subjects to complete.

It is not just making the study plan but you have to follow it strictly and regularly.

Study time and the study area

Allot a definite time for studying which should be followed regularly at the same time. Your study area is also important to have the proper concentration and focus. 

Preparation of notes

You must prepare notes while you are studying. You must prepare notes from the start of your preparation for the Class 12 Board exam. Read the chapters and note down the important points as you read. Make sure to note down all the points which have to be reviewed. The formulas and the equations have to be noted down and should be revised every day. 


Your preparation will be effective only when you will not forget what you studied previously. Make sure to revise what you would have studied the previous day then proceed further. This way you will not forget and the progress of your preparation will be perfect.

Important questions

While going through the chapters, make notes of important questions or the definitions which have to be revised or studied frequently. You can highlight important topics with some significant colors making them prominent.

Stress-Free study 

Board exam preparation always has some kind of stress. Taking stress and studying will not be of any use. The best thing is to think positively and put your 100% focus and effort. A proper study plan and positive thinking can make your preparation easy for the board exam. 

Last-minute learning

It is very obvious that anything learned at the last moment just before the exams are of no use and it doesn’t stay in your mind. Make sure to learn much before the exam and don’t get into the habit of postponing or delaying. Incomplete studies will not hold good to face the board exam. Last-minute preparation is always a mess and cannot have any concept thorough in your mind.


Writing neatly and legibly is very important. The examiner correcting the papers will be interested to read your answer sheet if it is neat and presentable. Make sure you practice writing. Don’t just depend on verbal skills. You might be good at answering verbally but when you write you will get to know the difference. Unless you practice writing enough, you can neither develop agility in writing nor your handwriting will be improved. Focus both on reading as well as writing.


If you are a science student you will have lots of diagrams in Biology, physics and also chemistry. Practice the illustrations neatly and in a proper way. Don’t leave it for the last moment. Getting proper practice of the diagrams is not easy at the last moment. It needs lots of practice so it is better to do it at an earlier stage to have the proper preparation.

Solving the sample papers

Once you have completed the syllabus, it is very important to solve the sample question papers. This will give you an exact idea of the question paper pattern which will appear in the board exams. Solving sample papers will help you to know your level of preparation and the time you will be taking to solve the paper. You can compare your answers to know how far is your accuracy. This way you can improve on the drawbacks or the mistakes.


You will have to be prepared well in the languages no matter whatever the stream you are taking. Focus on the grammatical section and be thorough with the concepts and the rules to be followed.


If you are studying mathematics or commerce you will have lots of numerical problems to work out. Practice as much as possible. The only way to score well in numerical tests is through practice.

Breaks in between the study sessions

Make sure to take study breaks in between. Studying continuously for long hours will be of no use. You will not be energetic and active the next day. It is very important to keep your mind and body fit for the next day.

Have a proper sleep

It is important to have a proper night’s sleep. Don’t be awake at night and study as this will just spoil your next day’s activity

Eating properly

To keep your body and mind active it is very important to have a proper and healthy diet. Avoid junk foods. Have proper physical exercise and be active. If our body is active, automatically our mind will be active.

Keeping away from the gadgets

While you are in the study sessions make sure to be away from any distractions. Especially mobile phones. It is a tendency of students to check their mobile now and then. You should switch it off while studying. Your focus is very important.

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