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Wedding Suits: How to Look Dapper on Your Wedding Day

custom wedding suits

The wedding day is not just “a bride’s day,” but it is the day of two people celebrating their love and commitment to each other. Weddings celebrate the exchange of vows between two people, so the focus should be on both the bride and groom.

They say that brides shine the brightest on wedding days and therefore spend months planning on their bridal gown. But the truth is, grooms are just as concerned with what they will wear because they want to stand out from the crowd, too. And that is why most grooms opt for custom wedding suits for the big day to achieve a look that’s polished, flattering, and one-of-a-kind.

Meanwhile, the search for a good-looking outfit for your wedding isn’t always fruitful. You don’t want to look like everybody else in the celebration and want your style and personal taste reflected in your suit. But before you head to the tailor to have your measurements taken, below are some things to keep in mind to make sure you select the perfect attire for your special day.

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Do Your Research

It is a fact that only a small percentage of the male population are into fashion and know what would look good on them, let alone put together a whole attire for different types of events. But weddings are different, and grooms want to look impeccable for the special day and for the photos that would last a lifetime. So before booking an appointment for your fitting, make sure you know some of the basics of wedding attire so that you won’t go in blind.

Know What You Want

While it is a good idea to know exactly what you want before starting the whole shopping process, it is still impossible because while you are searching for the perfect wedding suit, you would still be exposed to different ideas. Meanwhile, shops usually have a team of experts on-site to assist you and make suggestions on what would look best on you, so it is still best to keep an open mind.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Trends

The formal men’s attire style changes slowly over time, making custom wedding suits a great investment because you can wear them multiple times. But, make sure that the cut you choose is timeless, and be mindful of the details you add to your wedding suits, like the colour, fabric, and other small details to keep the overall style timeless.

Choose a Style That Flatters Your Body Shape

Not all bodies are created equal, and that is why it is important to consider your height and weight so the suit would flatter your build and not restrict your movement. You should be able to move comfortably, and that comfort will translate to confidence. And a confident groom will look good in whatever he is wearing.

Consider the Fabric in Relationship to the Timing

Timing is everything, and it affects several factors in designing the perfect custom suit for your wedding. For example, a ceremony held during the day can allow for a lighter colour and relaxed cut in wedding suits, while evening weddings usually call for a formal look. You also have to consider the seasons as heavier, warmer fabrics are more appropriate for weddings in the fall or winter, but lightweight and breathable fabrics are perfect for spring and summer weddings.

Pick an Experienced Tailor

When it comes to custom-made suits, the expertise of the tailor and the rest of the team of artisans who will work on your suit will play a big role in how your wedding suit will look. Of course, you have a say on details such as the fabric, the colour, the pattern, and other small details like accessories. But, the tailor and his team are the ones that would make sure that your suit is of the highest quality, so make sure to choose a tailor that has years of experience in the field.

Final Words

Picking the perfect groom suit can be a daunting task because of the many styles and variations available. And while most men can go through life with owning just one or two good suits, it won’t hurt to put in extra effort into something you would be wearing for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Who knows? You might have fun while you go through the process.

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