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6 effective tips for buying tyre inflator

Tyre Inflator

What is the need to buy tyre inflator? 

To expect the unexpected has been one crucial learning of our lives and we all can unanimously agree to that. Many disasters have been born out of unforeseen and unanticipated events. What if tyre failure turns out to be one of them? 

I know most of us are critically paranoid about tyre maintenance and its safety but none of us bother to think about its easy repair. We can save thousands of bucks per year if we develop a habit of keeping essential car accessories on a standby in case of emergency situations. 

One of these several essential car accessories is tyre inflator. It can be a great help during the hour of need and prove to be a knight in shining armor on any usual night on any unusual road. 

What is a tyre inflator? 

It is a manual device that is designed in such a manner that it maintains positive pressure in any inflatable object by keeping it pressurized. It can be used to inflate tires of cars, bicycles, motorbikes, ATV, SUV etc. 

Other than that, it can also be used to inflate other domestic objects like inflatable mattresses, beach balls, swimming pools etc. 

Benefits of tyre inflators: 

  • They are quick and swift. 
  • They are light and portable devices. 
  • It is easy to handle and user friendly. 

6 Important tips for buying tyre inflator 

Now, let us directly jump to these quick important tips for buying tyre inflators that you must keep in your mind while making your purchase. 

  1. Buy the inflator with right pin : While making a purchase you must make sure that your product fits in your requirement perfectly. It is nothing but a futile process otherwise. Therefore, buying a tire inflator that fits your car tyre perfectly for use is essentially important. 

Before you make use of your tire inflator, you need to make sure that it will fit your car tyre valve properly. Car tyres come fitted with Schrader valves. These are standard valves and are found in all types of cars and motorbikes all over the world.  

The bicycles on the other hand are fitted with either Presta valve or Schrader valve. It is to be kept in notice that the foot pump we are buying should fit the tyre of our vehicle. 

  1. Buy a tyre inflator with right capacity : The bigger the better is a belief that shouldn’t be put to practice when dealing with automobile parameters. We need to keep our numbers in check no matter what those numbers determine. Even the smallest careless activity today is an accident in disguise waiting for an opportunity to pounce upon you and we wouldn’t want that.  

Car tyre inflators that come with the right capacity is very necessary for any automobile. Any genuine car tyre inflator comes with the capacity of 30 PSI (pascals per square inch) in five minutes on an average. This means it can inflate a complete tyre in five minutes.  

If we buy a car tyre inflator that exceeds this capacity then the tyre might get ruptured at places because of higher pressure in pascal units per square inch of the surface.  

On the other hand, if we buy a car tyre inflator with a capacity that is lower than the one mentioned above then the process of completely inflating a tyre might take longer than the usual time involved in the complete process.  

  1. Your tyre inflator should have an accurate pressure gauge : It is a prerequisite that your tyre inflator needs to be attached with an accurate pressure gauge with no zero error. Even a point difference in the bar pressure of your tyre could cause a heavy, irreparable wreck to your vehicle and your life. 

You can measure the accuracy of your tyre inflator by comparing it with the readings obtained on the electric machines at a local petrol pump in your neighborhood or by cross checking its readings with that of a portable tyre air compressor. 

If you detect any faults in the pressure gauge of your tyre inflator then get it replaced as soon as possible. Underinflated tyres can cause excessive fuel annihilation whereas overinflated tires provide less traction on the road. 

  1. Should support high pressure in the tires : Always buy a tyre inflator that supports maximum high pressure. Higher the maximum pressure supported by your tyre inflator, better is the product.  

Tyre inflators come in many different varieties and each of them have a different maximum pressure rating than the other. These maximum pressure ratings range from 100 PSI to 200 PSI.  

For any regular high pressure car tyre, a tyre inflator with maximum pressure ranging between 120-150 PSI is considered the most suitable.  

These maximum pressure ranges can be one critical basis of comparison between all the tyre inflators available in the market. 

  1. Buy a tyre inflator with low power draw : All these tyre inflators are mostly put to use in such situations where there is no external power source available. Therefore, they have to draw power from the battery of the vehicle eventually. 

The rating of the vehicle’s battery is not very high, it is usually around 12V. It is clearly evident that this rating is not enough to support high power supply. Hence, you must go for a tyre inflator that withdraws the least power out of the battery. Tyre inflators that with 120W is safer for your battery use. 

Even if high power draw tyre inflators are powerful, you should still go for low power draw tyre inflators to be on the safer side. 

  1. Buy a tyre inflator with longer cord : In the end everyone is looking for convenience in the usage of any product so why not look for it while making a purchase. 

When you know beforehand that you will be using your tyre inflator for a car or motorbike then look for one with a longer cord (around 10 feet) so that it becomes easier to move it around the vehicle.  

But when you are looking for a tyre inflator for domestic purposes like inflating a bicycle or beach balls then you can go for any cord length. In that case, the length of the cord doesn’t really matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

  • What are some good quality foot pumps for my car? 

Answer : There are several good quality foot pumps available online but given below are listed the best ones : 

  • 1- Michelin Digital High Power Tyre Inflator 12265 
  • 2- Michelin High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator 12266 
  • 3- Michelin Hi-Power Tyre Inflator 12260 with Detachable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge. 

To avail amazing price deals and offers on tyre inflator for car  visit our website, right now. 


Searching for good quality car tyre inflators might be a difficult task but now, when you know which direction to pursue and things to look for, it might become a little bit easier. Just remember to buy the right pin, have an accurate pressure gauge, have a sufficiently long cord and look for low power drawing inflators.  

We hope this article proved to be insightful for you and we were successful in providing you with the satisfactory information that you were looking for.  You can also buy tyre inflator for bike at our site to find excellent quality products at minimal prices.

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