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Top 5 Cities for Marketing Careers

Marketing Careers

In order for companies to compete in crowded marketplaces, successful promotional campaigns are essential. According to marketing job stats from Statista, jobs in the marketing industry are predicted to increase by 10% in the decade between 2020 to 2030. This is a faster growth rate than all other professions.

Considering the strong demand, it isn’t hard to understand why you will find marketing positions available all over the place, from startups and small businesses to large organizations and nonprofits. If you find that your work life is more effective when you have the option to work from home, research has shown that more than a third of marketing jobs for full-time employees in the United States offer the option to work remotely.

But just because you are able to work from home doesn’t mean that you will always be hired from regions that are nowhere near the location of your employer. If you are looking to make good on your college degree in marketing, you should be aware of the locations that give you the strongest chance to expand your career.

Here are five cities that you will want to live in or live near to take advantage of jobs at major advertising firms or businesses seeking those services.

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1. New York Marketing Careers

When you stroll through Times Square, the world-famous metropolitan heartbeat of Midtown Manhattan, new york billboards appear larger than life. You are literally surrounded by gigantic corporate messages and neon branding that overpowers your attention span. Movies, fragrances, footwear, luxury designers, and automobiles are all competing for your eyes, time, and money. Times Square is a clear example of why living in New York City, the biggest city in the United States, is a place to plunge right into the marketing industry.

It isn’t just the multimedia displays of marketing that dominate the streets of New City that make this city an attractive prospect for career growth. It is also the fact that NYC is home to many of the most respected advertising agencies on the planet.

The list of prestigious long-lasting marketing firms located in New York includes BBDO, Deutsch Inc., Grey Group, Interpublic Group, J. Walter Thompson, and Ogilvy & Mather. You will also find many of the newer power players in the marketing space, like 360i, DeVito/Verdi, McGarry Bowen, Omnicom Group, and R/GA.

2. Chicago Marketing Careers

Chicago, Illinois, has traditionally been a frontrunner for advertising, marketing, and creative agencies, building that reputation over a century ago with the mail-order catalog business. The “Windy City” continues to attract top-level talent looking to find advertising positions at major marketing firms like Leo Burnett Company and Cramer-Krasselt, and also upstarts like Tribune Content Solutions and Conversant.

Overall, when you compare Chicago’s cost of living to other major cities on the East Coast and the West Coast, it is more reasonable while also offering a Midwest lifestyle that is less fast-paced than New York or San Francisco.

3. Atlanta Marketing Careers

Atlanta, Georgia, is a fast-growing city for advertising, averaging approximately 1,000 marketing and advertising jobs available at any given time with competitive salaries. You will find major marketing firms like Moxie, 22squared, and BKV Inc.

There are also a large number of huge companies that have their headquarters in the Atlanta area, like Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot, and UPS.

4. San Francisco Marketing Careers

Even though Los Angeles is also a high-ranking city for a marketing career, San Francisco generally has more job openings for marketers. Marketing firms like AKQA, Butler, Shine, Epsilon, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and Stern & Partners are all located in the Bay Area.

Also, with the plethora of mega-companies in the tech industry having their headquarters, like Adobe, Apple, Dropbox, Google, Intel, Meta, and Salesforce, in and near San Francisco, there are plenty of positions to help you handle one of the highest costs of living in the United States.

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5. Boston Marketing Careers

Advertising and marketing professionals will find a large level of top-tier ad agencies to choose from, like Allen & Gerritsen, Digitas, iProspect, and Sapient. Even though we typically hear about New York City and San Francisco as being the most impossibly expensive cities to live in for marketing careers, Boston isn’t cheap either. But you will find the salaries to often be higher.

For people that are just getting started in marketing, many of the positions are for mid and entry-level employees and not just for marketing managers.

When it is all said and done, there is a rise in using the internet for digital marketing. Even with this high demand for talented advertisers online, there is still the reality of improving your chances of landing that dream job in the marketing space by living in a city where the marketing industry is centrally located and accessible.

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