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The PooCoin App

PooCoin App

To use the PooCoin app, you must have an account on MetaMask, which connects you to PooCoin. The app lists the transactions made by your wallet. The “Buyers” tab tracks the largest addresses for a particular token. This is important for small investors who want to keep an eye on whale activity. For example, a top wallet recently purchased $89M worth of SafeMoon tokens. PooCoin shows you how much these addresses are buying or selling, and how much each transaction is worth.

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A PooCoin app is one of the most useful tools available for monitoring small cap coins. With PooCoin, users can view up to nine charts at a time. In addition, this app lets users watch multiple tokens at once. For instance, if BNB is trending, they can monitor its price with ETH. They can also monitor several of their own tokens at once. These features make the PooCoin app the best BSC charting tool available.

Users can swap their tokens on the platform using the trading widget. The platform synchronizes 100 transactions of each token. When a token is bought, the green color represents the purchase and red color indicates the sale. Users can view a detailed analysis of the performance of their chosen token with the trading widget. If they decide to sell, they can see how much they sold for and how much they’ve traded. To be a premium user, you need to have at least $100 of poocoin in your wallet.

Users of the PooCoin app can buy and sell goods in stores. They can also sell items to other users. Similarly, they can request goods and services. The PooCoin app allows users to earn rewards for purchases. Users can even earn free Poo by using their Poo. Some of the features include:


There are many tools available for the PooCoin app, and the PooCoin website offers several different ones, as well as a trading bot tracker. This free app also allows users to keep an eye on the top holders of their currency and analyze its performance. It also flags dangerous poocoins so that they don’t depreciate in price when they decide to sell them. To access these tools, you must have at least $300 of poocoin in your wallet.

PooCoin is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. A few of the more useful tools are charts and portfolio management. The platform was designed to improve existing DEXes by giving users more options. There are also some premium features that users can access. Users with a certain amount of liquidity can use the app to see their own balances, track other traders’ wallets, disable ads, and enable a wallet transaction tab.

The PooCoin app connects individuals with surplus grocery items and gives them a reward for their efforts. In addition to rewarding people for donating their items, this app pays out money to charity for each purchase made. The app works by scanning items with a smartphone’s camera, and when someone buys an item, the buyer receives payment in PooCoins, which can be used in various ways, including online and in local businesses.


The PooCoin app launched a swap interface in late May. This allowed investors to swap tokens directly on the platform and offers a unique auto select feature to choose the best price with minimal slippage. The price of PooCoin dropped below the $5 line by the end of May, and has been steadily declining since. In June, PooCoin integrated with the Poylgon exchange, and the currency’s price has dropped below $3 for most of the year.

This means that the value of a single coin will vary from day to day, depending on the market conditions. Often, the Poocoin app will fluctuate in price as the price of the coin increases and decreases. This could lead to underperformance and financial loss. Therefore, it is important to monitor the price of Poocoin and stay up to date. To keep track of Poocoin’s price, visit the Coinmarketcap website.

PooCoin is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, which uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. To keep the blockchain secure, it elects 21 validators every 24 hours. To join the PooCoin app, you must stake BNB coins with Binance to participate in the PooCoin ecosystem. PooCoin has been available on the market since 2021 and has been booming since its launch.

Wallet tracking function

If you’ve ever wondered where your coins are, you may want to use the PooCoin app. This DApp, a portfolio and charting DApp for the Binance Smart Chain, allows you to track the value of your own and other people’s POOCOIN tokens. To use the tracking feature, you’ll need to change your wallet token list to display the amount of each coin you hold. Then, enter the new list of coins into the input field.

Using the Wallet tracking function, you can see how much you’ve spent on your coins in real time. The PooCoin app supports the BSC, Polygon, and KuChain networks. The app syncs the last 100 transactions for a token, and buys and sells are marked in green and red. The chart shows the latest 100 transactions of each token, with the transaction IDs listed on the right. By clicking on the ID, you can get to the full transaction details.

Another feature of the PooCoin app is its Telegram bot. This bot is useful for traders who want to follow the market in real time. Users can also use the bot to check the price of their tokens. After that, they can trade or invest at a preferred price. The bot can be implemented on any Telegram channel. These premium features can help you make more money by letting you copy the whales.

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