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The Many Useful Features of Digital Two-Way Radios

digital two way radio

Similar to smartphones, two-way radios have become quite advanced, thanks to modern technology. These days, you do not need to face the persistent issue of white noise, which was the case with the analogue counterparts.

The additional features of a digital two way radio prove instrumental in the popularity of this equipment. The market size of nearly USD 8,000 million proves the growing significance of this hi-tech gadget.

To best utilise two-way radios, you should become well aware of their modern functioning. This article highlights the features that make digital radios a trending communication tool.

GPS Tracking

Gone are the days when you had to fret over the range of voice transfer. Today, a digital two way radio has become even more advanced.

In addition to an increased range of communication, new-age two-way radios have an inbuilt global positioning system (GPS). Hence, you can use these radios on job sites requiring comprehensive coverage. Here is how GPS can prove beneficial:

  • To improve productivity levels
  • For elevating safety at the job site

So, you can use GPS to locate an object or individual at construction sites, refugee camps, or after-relief shelters.

Text Messages

Two-way radios are primarily helpful for voice communication. Still, there are times when you require to send a concise message to your team workers.

In this case, new digital two-way radios come in handy. These gadgets have a text messaging function. You can send text messages from these radios to individuals or groups without interrupting ongoing voice conversations.

Text messages can be helpful when the on-site environment requires maintaining silence.

Multiple Applications

Like smartphones, these robust tools can support a wide range of applications. You can use apps like Man Down, Lone Worker, and similar safety-oriented software.

In addition, these applications help you connect the two-way radios with other vehicles and equipment. The voice recording app is another helpful feature that enhances the utility of this tool.

Overall, support for a wide range of applications makes digital radios more useful in today’s era.

Interconnection To Telephones

Two-way radios can now receive or send calls on telephone landlines. This aspect is vital for sites or work locations that do not have cell phone coverage. So, your communication with the main office will never face any interruptions.

This feature is most useful for workers who operate on remote sites. Here are the two main advantages:

  • No requirement for additional communication gadgets
  • Increased safety and productivity

In case of any emergency, you can utilise the two-way radio and call for help by contacting the desired support centre. So, digital two-way radios have enhanced the safety and connectivity aspects on several fronts.

In A Nutshell

Robust, high-utility, and now feature-proof — two-way radios, especially the digital types, have improved productivity, connectivity, and safety in various ways.

Advancements in cellular technology allow these gadgets to have features like GPS, text messaging, applications, and interconnectivity. This way, you can feel high assurance of conveying crucial information to desired personnel.

In addition to these significant additions, modern two-way digital radios have double networking ability and dispatch features. Both these functions prove useful for different job profiles. Nowadays, more comprehensive coverage is also a significant upgrade over analogue walkie-talkies.

So, ensure that you invest in the digital types and connect with a reliable brand as required.

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