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The Leading Mattress Manufacturer in China

“If you want to have a good sleep, you have to have a good mattress.”

Jonathan Scott

Due to rising demand from a variety of industries, including hospitality and healthcare, the mattress industry is expanding all around the globe. The thriving real estate sector is also contributing to the demand for mattresses as many homeowners are on the lookout for reasonable and high-quality mattresses that will fit their financial budget. The home furnishing sector is also responsible for the current demand for mattresses,as there is also an increased demand for pillowcases, covers, and bed linens. To meet this rising demand, the China-based company called Foshan Lei Zi Furniture has appeared at the forefront and has been providing high-quality mattresses to its customers since 2004.

In the 1850s, mattresses were made using uniform springs; however, the mattress manufacturing industry has come a long way, and now more stabilized springs are used in production to provide the utmost comfort to customers. Mattress manufacturers like Foshan Lei Zi Furniture continue to look for ways to use cutting-edge technology to enhance their quality and reduce the cost of making mattresses because millions of them are sold annually worldwide.

Many experts believe that there is a significant connection between a person’s sleeping environment and sleep quality. Customers who lead extremely busy lives no longer take good sleep for granted and are more critical while purchasing a mattress. After a hectic day at work, people spend most of their time resting or sleeping on their mattresses; therefore, manufacturers like Foshan Lei Zi Furniture make sure that their products are comfortable and have passed quality assurance. They ensure that the best quality standards are followed by them during the manufacturing process.

Even though we have seen significant advancements in mattress technology over the past few years, manufacturers and scientists are still on the hunt to find new and innovative ways to develop better technologies that will assist in creating better mattresses for consumers. Given that the global mattress market is anticipated to grow significantly in the next five years, this is not at all surprising.

The global mattress market is expanding rapidly every year as a result of urbanization, health issues, and rising disposable incomes. Marketers are optimistic that the strong demand for mattresses in China and other developing nations will benefit the mattress manufacturing industry. Another factor contributing to this increased demand is that manufacturers like Foshan Lei Zi Furniture and suppliers are collaborating productively to provide customers with the highest quality products.


Foshan Lei Zi Furniture, which was founded by Godon Liu in 2004, specializes in bed and mattress manufacturing and supply and is both an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The headquarter of the company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong, China, and its factory and warehouse cover an area of 16,000 square meters. With the assistance of a highly skilled and experienced team of 80 employees, the company manufactures over 54,000 mattresses annually, which are then exported to 68 countries.

Since its establishment, the company’s foremost aim has been to offer new designs, higher quality, and customized products to its customers. By manufacturing comfortable and top-quality mattresses, the company ensures that individuals around the world don’t suffer from insomnia. The research and development team of Foshan Lei Zi Furniture focuses on improving the comfort level and structure of their products, whether they are mattresses or beds, to effectively cater to the needs of individuals worldwide. For this purpose, they also collaborated with the largest furniture wholesaler in Australia and expert in the industry, Designer Marcos, who assisted the company in enhancing the quality of their products. Apart from him, the company has also worked with many notable brands, such as Otto, Serta, Mosa, Sleep Box, and Twilight, to name a few.

Some of the main products that the company manufactures are pocket spring mattresses, latex foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, velvet beds, linen beds, leather beds, bed frames, pillows, nightstands, and mattress toppers. The aforementioned products are produced as per the CertiPU-US, SGS, OEKO-TEX,CFR1633, and ISO9001 quality standards. Since its inception, Lei Zi Furniture has acquired 37 utility patents for its mattresses and other products.

People’s lives and lifestyles have drastically changed over time, which has led to a variety of diseases and numerous sleep issues. By addressing these issues, manufacturers like Foshan Lei Zi Furniture have not only provided their customers with maximum comfort while they sleep but have also cemented their place as one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the world.

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