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The Importance of Having an Attorney When a High School Student Faces Disciplinary Action

Cheating and other forms of academic misconduct are common in many schools. When found guilty of cheating a high student can face a harsh sanction like a suspension or dismissal from school. Regardless of the sanction, the student will need to disclose it on their application to college. The sanction can cause damage to their GPA. Thankfully, those accused of cheating in high school may be allowed to get the assistance of an adviser.  Often, this adviser can be the best education lawyer for high school students in the country.

Why a High School Student Needs a Lawyer

When facing disciplinary action, a high school student can benefit from, having an attorney on their side. A lawyer can evaluate the evidence presented against the student and offer a realistic view of their case. With an attorney, the student facing disciplinary action can concentrate on their case’s weak and strong points, so they can present their case effectively.

In addition, a good lawyer can prepare their client’s opening and closing statement as well as the presentation before a disciplinary panel. The advisor can assist the student in making questions to be used when cross-examining witnesses and prepare the student for questioning.

Education Attorneys are Not Made Equal

While having a lawyer during a disciplinary hearing has some benefits, not all attorneys possess the knowledge and skills necessary for such kind of case. Academic integrity cases are different from criminal cases. Schools vary in their rules and procedures when handling academic integrity cases and an attorney who is not familiar with these may not be able to effectively advise the accused student. Similarly, a lawyer Therefore, the best attorney to work with has a practice focused on education and defending high school students facing allegations of academic misconduct, Title IX violations, and disciplinary issues.

The majority of schools have a code of conduct or a student handbook that outlines how they handle academic dishonesty in various situations. Also, each situation is different and so is the approach an attorney will use when approaching the school tribunal or disciplinary board. Students facing accusations of violating the school’s code of conduct must know what evidence can be used against them and the charges they are facing. From this point, their attorney can build an effective strategy to disprove the charges or reduce the consequences. No matter the situation of the student, having a skilled lawyer advocating for them will help them get the best possible outcome.

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