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How to Connect Your Computer With RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender?

RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender

The RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender helps to boost the range of your existing WiFi connection seamlessly. You can connect up to nine devices and can cover up to 98 square feet of area. It has 2 x 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a 5 GHz frequency band that can increase the coverage of the wireless connection. You can position it to that place where it can maximize the wifi range with 430 Mbps of high wifi speed. It supports the WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2 security protocols. It is just more than a wifi booster. Also, the router has an access point that can simply convert the wifi connection to the high signal range connection.

The RangeXTD Trifi booster is compatible with other routers and repeaters. It is a kind of plug-and-play device. Simply plug the extender into the power outlet and the device is ready to use. You can also use the Ethernet cable that can stabilize the wifi performance and you get uninterrupted and bufferless streaming with your friends and family members.

Simply connect your PC or laptop with the RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender

The RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender simply improves the performance of your wifi signal range. With the press of a single button, you get seamless coverage with an increased 20% of wifi performance. You can move anywhere around your house and still get bufferless wifi coverage that can’t stop you from accessing the internet connection. It is universally compatible with other repeaters, routers, and access points. Here are the steps to connect your computer with your router.

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You can connect your computer simply

For a successful connection, you need to log in to the computer first. Now you have to connect the network in the notification area and choose the wireless connection from the available list of the devices. After that enter the security carefully and press the OK button. When you have this step properly. You will be able to see the configuration message that you are successfully connected to the wifi connection.

After that, open the settings of the computer and click on the start button and then choose the control panel. Now in the search box type network and move to the network and share center. From there, you can see icons and you can connect the device to your computer and access the internet connection. In case if the icon does not appear on the computer screen verify that the file-sharing media and the network discovery should be turned off. And you are done with the connection of the computer with your Rangextd wireless extender. This is how you can do the rangextd wifi range extender setup effectively.

Upgrade the Firmware of the RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender

An update of the firmware is necessary. It helps to replace the old version of the router with the newest one with enhanced features and the latest technology-enabled in the firmware of the extender. Also, it helps to fix the bugs by adding new functions to operate the extender with your device. If you don’t upgrade the firmware of your extender on time then your system will work slow and it also affects the working system of the extender.

You need to log in to the account to update the firmware of the extender. Once you have logged in now go to the management settings of the extender and click on the firmware upgrade option of the router. When you click on the file upgrade option then you are redirected to the firmware upgrade file. From here you have to download the firmware of the extender. After the successful download of the file now click on the upload button and the extender will automatically upgrade the extender.

Here is the tip: Whenever you are updating the firmware of your extender do not leave the upgrade page or do not shut off your computer. This will stop the downloading of the firmware and then you have to call the support team. So do the upgrade carefully.

Final Words

The RangeXTD Trifi WiFi Extender is best for the home network. With the simple setup of the extender, you get wifi coverage around your house. The wifi extender is completely wireless and compatible with all the devices such as laptops, computers, smart gadgets, etc. Also, it helps to secure your wifi connection with guest mode or parental control mode. Moreover, the extender has an eco mode that can seamlessly boost the coverage of the extender.

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