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QR Code and Its Uses in Marketing

QR scanner

No matter if you have never heard of a QR code, you are already familiar with its concept. QR codes are a cutting-edge technology that facilitates tracking products and various other tasks. With the help of a QR scanner, it is easy to decode the QR code.

Many devices like phone cameras and other devices are used as QR scanners to read the QR code. There have been a lot of uses of QR codes in different industries. However, there have been some exceptional uses of “quick response codes” in marketing. 

Many industries and agencies use QR codes in their marketing strategies to increase their sales, generate leads, and get more engagement.

Read this article to find out how quick response codes benefit marketing and help to boost businesses across the web. 

How does QR Code Benefits Marketing?

QR code is a type of barcode which helps to redirect any user to its source by scanning it. A quick response code is a pattern that helps access multiple types of networks, including websites, social media platforms, product pages, and more.

Let us provide you with insights into the uses of QR codes in marketing so that you can get a better understanding of how it benefits the marketing and promotion of businesses:

Direct Traffic on Blog

It has been hard these days to get traffic on a website. The marketers work hard on their sites to increase traffic, but it takes a lot of time. As a result, they have been working on QR codes and making strategies to increase the site’s traffic.

The QR code directs the audience and traffic to the blog and website, which can help in increasing the traffic. 

Ecommerce Purpose

The importance of QR codes has become so common in the eCommerce industry. It helps in many aspects of eCommerce. One of the best examples is that it directs the user to the product page and encourages the user to buy the product, thus increasing the sales of a product. 

A QR code also helps the user avail of discounts and coupons so that the maximum number of people interested in buying the product can go through the QR code. 

There is a growing trend among local shopkeepers to keep the QR code for payment on their desks. In this case, someone who does not have cash but wants to pay through their online Platform. They don’t have to ask for their account credentials. All they would have to do is scan the QR code.

Contact Credentials 

The QR code can be used for various purposes, including dialing the business number embedded within it. On business cards, business flyers, business brochures, and more, it has become famous for executives to include their phone numbers as a QR codes. Smartphones will automatically dial the number once they scan the QR code.

The same applies to QR codes that contain email addresses and other contact information. The QR Code scanner will automatically call, open an email, or send the contact information. That’s how the QR codes will contact the given address automatically.

It can also give you direction on a specific office, company, or industry map. The owner can add the QR code of the exact location. As a result, whoever scans the code will be routed toward the location. 

Download Apps

Many people are interested in the same apps that their friends and family have on their phones, but it is difficult to find them on the app store. 

Thus, apps with QR codes direct the user to download and install the app on the user’s phone. In this way, developers can increase the number of installs of their apps from the app store, regardless of whether they use Android, iOS, or another platform.

Increase Engagement in Social Media

It has been hard to get likes and shares of social media posts. The social media account handlers work hard to increase their followers on social media platforms. 

The QR codes can get shared on accounts with high popularity, so the majority of people can scan it and get to know about your account and increase the engagement of your post and profile. 

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, freelancers can use QR codes to share their Linkedin or portfolio profile to tell about their services and portfolio. 

This strategy helps the business and freelancer accounts to get more engagement and generate leads from their account.


QR codes are used in a variety of industries around the world. Primarily, however, they serve marketing purposes. According to a survey, QR codes are being used by 11 million users worldwide, and the number is overgrowing. Thus, it is getting more and more preference for payment gateways and marketing purposes. In case you plan to use quick response codes to boost your marketing strategies. You might need to use a QR Code Scanner that takes less than a second to read any quick response code, making it easier for you to verify whether the code you are using is valid or not. 

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