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PUBG Guns And Weapons To Ensure Victory


Finding the strongest PUBG guns will make PlayerUnknown’s Battleground much more survivable, since those with powerful weapons will often win gunfights over those with modest pistols.

While any weapon in PUBG may win you a kill, acquiring that chicken dinner will entail studying the intricacies of all the best PUBG firearms, including which scopes are best, which ammo each one takes, and more. There’s a lot to learn about shotguns at, from room-clearing shotguns to sniper rifles that can shoot the wings off a fly from hundreds of meters away.

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Assault Rifles


In most scenarios, nothing beats an M4 when it’s fully loaded with attachments. It can deal substantial damage and has some of the most manageable recoil for those who like to spray. It’s not the best long-range weapon, but it’s better than a lot of other options and one of the best all-around guns available.


The SCAR is a polarizing weapon, but there’s no denying that it’s excellent at shooting down adversaries at close to medium range. It may not be on the same level as the M16 or AKM as a single-fire weapon, but if you prefer to auto fire, this is a good choice if you don’t have access to an M4. It is usually a good idea to pick one over many other weapons in the current meta of running double AR.


Despite being an AR, some say that the M16 with an 8x scope is the best sniper rifle in the game. For a time, that was probably closer to the truth than reality, but the M16 took a battering with the 1.0 upgrade and the Xbox One launch version. can’t hold an 8x anymore, and several of the stats have been altered However, it’s an excellent game, particularly if you have a quick trigger finger.  Its burst mode is either something you love or something you despise, but no one can deny how powerful it is in single shot mode.


The AKM is great for anyone who can consistently hit head shots, as it has the most single shot damage of any popular assault rifle. Anyone who isn’t wearing a level three helmet will be taken out in two shots to the face, so with single fire mode and a nice scope, you’ll be popping heads all day. As a backup AR or as a pseudo-sniper, the AKM makes a great single-shot backup.

Air Drop Weapon


All of the air drop weapons are excellent choices that you should employ whenever possible, but the AWM is without a doubt the best and most powerful weapon in the game. The AWM will one-shot everyone if you hit them in the head, even if they’re wearing a level three helmet. It only takes two hits to put someone out, even with a level two vest. If you can find one, there’s no reason not to use it, even if it does feel a little overpowered. Although, if you don’t have any kind of optic to put on it, good luck hitting shots, because that iron sight is horrible.


The M249 isn’t for the faint of heart. If you have a high level of precision, it becomes laughably easy to pick off targets at close and medium range. When you have a 100-round clip of 5.56 rounds, it can eat through any opponent in seconds. Spray and pray is the name of the game here, and as long as you have some precision, it is laughably easy to take down targets at close and medium range.

Sniper Guns


In most ways, the SKS falls in between the Mini and the Kar98k. The fire rate isn’t great, and the damage isn’t great either, but it’s better than the Kar and the Mini.


The Kar98k is by far the finest common sniper rifle in terms of raw damage, but the bolt action requires a lot of time and adjustment to strike multiple shots in a row. However, if you can hit headshots, you can one-shot anyone wearing a level one or two helmets, making it extremely important.

Mini 14

The Mini 14 is without a doubt the best all-around sniper weapon. With a good scope, it can provide long-range damage, yet with to fast fire rates, it can even be employed up close if necessary. The damage isn’t great, but you should be able to hit a few shots in a row with ease.


Decoy grenades, a new addition, are a new sort of throwable that replicate firing sounds to attract attackers in or hide your own retreat. These last for ten seconds, which is quite a long time.

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