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Maxi dresses: Combining comfort and style

maxi dresses

Choosing a dress can be quite challenging and irritating. Several times the outfit that looked good in our mind may not look as stylish and elegant when worn. Style and comfort rarely go hand in hand, but with the availability of versatile maxi dresses, you can be assured that your outfit hurdles are solved.

A maxi dress is quite an icon. This dress is a must-have in an Australian women’s wardrobe as it is adored by everyone across the country. Although worn largely during the hot summer Australian months, with the wide range of options available, women are increasingly developing new looks and tricks to make these dresses the perfect outfit for all seasons.

Types of maxi dresses:

Strapless dress: As the name suggests, this dress does not contain any straps or fastening near the shoulders or neck. It is similar to a tube top. To prevent malfunctions and maintain support, they have an elastic above the bust, which either clings to the body or is clenched at the waist. Furthermore, the area around the waist has buttons, zippers or drawstrings to keep the fabric in place. Sometimes they also contain built-in padding near the chest to provide additional support and comfort.

Halter neck maxis: A halter neck maxi dress has some similarities with the strapless dress; nevertheless, it comes with a strap, which extends the chest area that goes all the way behind the neck. The strap is either a single slipover or two separate ones, which can be attached behind the neck with the help of a button or a snap. These dresses expose a comprehensive part of your back, therefore, putting them in the category of backless dresses.

Off-shoulder maxi dresses: As the name suggests, the straps of this dress are situated off the shoulder or below the shoulder. The dress is kept in place with the use of elastics which clings to the body and prevent the outfit from falling or shifting. Similar to strapless maxis, this variety of maxi dresses may contain padding near the chest and support near the waist to make it look graceful yet comfy.

V-neck dresses: This has two lines that connect at the middle of the chest like a “V” and extend onto the shoulders, forming straps. The position of the V neck may differ; it can either be above or below the chest based on your preference and convenience. Some dresses have a similar V neck at the back as well.

Spaghetti strap dresses: These are designed like a tank top or a slip with very narrow shoulder bands. Some straps are adjustable, while others are plain and can be tied up.

Advantages of a maxi dress:

Extremely comfortable – Maxi dresses are the epitome of comfort. Usually, the fabric of this dress is breathable and light, which feels soft and smooth on your skin. A Maxi dress is ideal for a warm summer lunch.

Elegant and flattering – Since the distinction between the bust and waist is seamless, maxis subtly highlight your curves and prevent unwanted areas from being exposed. Moreover, a simple V – neck or scoop draws attention to the eye vertically, making you look tall and graceful. Adding a few accessories like a belt or fancy earrings can take your dress to a whole new level of elegance and style.

Versatility – Maxis are available in various styles, making them suitable for almost any occasion. They can be worn as a simple dress on the beach, an elegant outfit for a fancy dinner or a reception with the help of the right accessories. A maxi can also be a game-changer for pregnant women as they are extremely flowy and comfortable.

Low maintenance – A maxi dress does not require any special treatment. They can be washed easily in the washing machines. To prevent wrinkles, it is recommended to dry the dresses in a line and fold them neatly for later use.


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