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How to use WhatsApp API in businesses?

WhatsApp API

20,000,000,000. Isn’t it confusing to count the number of zeros used after digit 2? Well, that is the number of WhatsApp API users across the world. It is still growing. On a happy note, the WhatsApp community is no longer bound by the mere messaging application between family and friends.

The developers and the owners have decided to make wide ranges and include it in the business world. The WhatsApp API stands for the WhatsApp Application programming interface. It has a quite diverse history. Let us discuss how to use the WhatsApp API in business and its vast background.

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History and Background

WhatsApp was developed originally by two developers namely Brian Acton and Jan Koum, in the year 2009. At that time, it was an era of the emerging and invention of social media. Many different applications and software were developed in order to connect people all around the world. At first, the WhatsApp messenger or simple WhatsApp API was not available across the world. The main reasons were:

  • People were not accustomed to the idea of connecting to another person who was sitting miles far away.
  • The use of smartphones was just becoming common among people.

After the year 2014, the WhatsApp application was owned by the Facebook Company, which is a well-known social media website and software that enables the users to communicate by means of text, images, voice messages, videos, and emoticons to different users across the world.

In the year 2018, the company decided to expand its boundaries and soon launched the WhatsApp API that helps business owners.

What is WhatsApp API?

Well, the WhatsApp API, as discussed above, is the broader platform that ensures the users can communicate with unlimited messages all over the world through this single application. The plus point of the WhatsApp API is that it is completely secure and end-to-end encrypted.

What are the essentials to check before you access the WhatsApp API?

The WhatsApp API comes with a larger motive and connects a large number of people. Well, there are some essentials you need to check before accessing the WhatsApp API.

  • Make sure you have the relevant data which you will use in the WhatsApp application programming interface.
  • You must have an account in the WhatsApp business application.

How to use WhatsApp API in the business?

The WhatsApp API has many benefits in making the business successful. It uses the concept of social media, messaging, and payment applications to make the platform an easier place to have a business.

1.    You need to have a business profile

The first and the most important way to use the WhatsApp API in business are to have a business profile. The profile must be built in a way that has the capacity to attract more and more users.

2.    Gain trust of many customers

It must look trustworthy, as your customers and target audiences are from all across the world, you must prove your business as genuine.

3.    Research before you begin

As the saying goes, it is always better to take precautions beforehand, than to regret later. You must research well about your market and how the industry is using the WhatsApp API to run their businesses.

4.    Automated greetings

It is quite obvious to have a schedule, so make sure you have a message ready for your next customer.


The WhatsApp API is the most convenient application when it comes to the matter of business. You must let your customers know that your business can be accessed through the WhatsApp application, and you are good to go!

Written By: Alison Lurie

Written by Mari, a content writer at Memorial Stationery who has written on stationery kinds of stuff. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.

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