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How to Prepare for Class 7 Math Olympiad

Class 7 IMO Question Paper 2011

Most students, generally go unprepared or usually appear with minimal practice for an Olympiad, which is not an ideal scenario. Co-curriculars, in the form of Olympiads, quizzes, elocutions, debates, etc. are a very integral part of student life. Most schools do not have a particular department or process to educate students in early classes to appear for Nationally ranked Olympiads. In this article, I will explain how to adequately prepare and utilise your time to prepare for a class 7 Olympiad.  

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Here, we have talked about some tips and tricks that will help you to prepare in the best possible way to appear in an Olympiad:

  • Strengthen your Basics:

The basics of Math, usually not practiced by students, are of critical importance as they build the base for your entire test. Therefore, the first step in preparing for the Olympiad should be the strengthening of your basics. For example: Learning and Applying a formula correctly.

  • Adhering to the curriculum and Syllabus: 

Reading your syllabus, and all the topics involved in the Olympiad is an essential part of preparing for a national level test. Along with it being a time – saving measure, it also gives you a clear picture of what to target whilst preparing for the Olympiad. Once you have read up on your syllabus, buying the correct study material for that specific curriculum further enhances your chances of scoring well on your Olympiad.

  • Time management:

Preparing a schedule and time table for a student is of extreme importance, as it helps you in utilising your time to the maximum. 

A class 7 student’s life involves classes, assignments, tests and games so preparing a schedule and sticking to it is crucial to avoid backlogs, and stressful scenarios, along with increasing your efficiency in every department.

  • Practice Question papers and Tests:

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

Whilst studying for a test is essential, practising by attempting previous year’s papers and tests helps a student in familiarising with the format of the question paper. Solving questions and practising exercises can help you boost your confidence and simultaneously, strengthen your basic concepts of Mathematics. Use the resource Class 7 IMO Question Paper 2011 to get the best of the compiled question papers.

It is also an ideal way to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Communicating with teachers:

A student must not be hesitant in going up to the teachers and asking for help. For example, suggesting the correct study material to practice from, clearing up your doubts and concepts. The mentors are there to help you and provide you with a better understanding of the Olympiad.

  • Get a deeper understanding of the concepts:

After strengthening your basics of the subject, try to get a deeper insight of the concepts mentioned in the curriculum, and then attempt to solve a higher level of questions and practice papers.

  • Read the instructions on the question paper:

Reading the instructions on the beginning of the question paper to understand the paper is important.

Every question paper has a set of instructions at the beginning explaining various sections in the paper, along with informing you if you have to attempt a specific number of questions in a specific part or not. 

Some question papers also have negative marking in the test for wrong answers, which is always mentioned in the instructions at the beginning of the question paper. Underline any such important information given on the first page of the question paper to avoid confusion.

  • Creating a Formula chart:

Writing down your various formulas involved in the syllabus is of utmost importance. 

You should make a separate notebook of all the formulas, for various topics in your curriculum which will help you in finding them easily when you are preparing for the exam, along with providing a better understanding of the formulas. You can also mention the important pointers of every chapter. This formula chart will also help you for the last-minute revision which is very important.

  • Keeping track of your progress: 

Tracking your progress will give you a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in a Math Olympiad. 

It will eventually lead you to come back to your weaknesses, and avoid the mistakes you were making earlier. It will also give you a clear idea of how many questions you are able to solve correctly, within the given time leading to better time management.

  • Stay focused but also take out time to relax:

It is important to stay focused whilst preparing for a test. Commitment towards preparing for a test is of huge importance. But it is important to relax every day. 

Stressing throughout the day will lead to mental fatigue, which will eventually cause damage to the hard work you have done to prepare for the test.

Do not put a lot of pressure on yourself. If you feel mentally exhausted and fatigued, talk to your family or teachers. They will surely help you to calm down. 

Take time out of your schedule to do the things you enjoy. Spend time with your family, play games, go for a walk.

  • Taking help from the internet:

These days, there are various educational sites, videos on YouTube, which can help you to get a deeper understanding of your concept or help you solve a problem you were having trouble with. You can also solve questions and online tests, to further enhance your examination skills and confidence.

But be careful you should not waste your time on the Internet, as that is harmful and detrimental to the hard work you have put in to achieve a good score in the test.

Last but not the least, enjoy the time you spend studying up for the test, as that is hard work you have put in and you should be proud of yourself for whatever you achieve. If your rank or score is not good enough, do not be discouraged as the hard work you put in will help you ahead in life, and will be a good experience for your future.

All the best!

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