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How to Make Your Gaming Experience Better at Home

Gaming Experience Better

Even if you do not play professionally, chances are that you play some games from time to time. While more people are gaming on their phones, doing so on a computer is arguably a better option because of the bigger screen and better peripherals. Your gaming experience depends on a lot of things, and we will be looking at what you can do or change to make the experience better.

Upgrade Your Computer

This is the most obvious change you need to make, but there are certain specifics you need to be aware of. First, your RAM makes a huge difference to your gaming experience.

You can get more RAM, and RAM kits that have higher speeds. However, the one change you should make is ensuring you have multiple sticks of RAM in your system.

Tests have shown that dual RAM configurations produce much better results in gaming even when you do not change the RAM speed or capacity.

Second, switch to a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are much faster than hard drives with spinning parts. This means games will load faster and actions will seem smoother. Your overall computer will also be faster, too.

Getting a 500 GB SSD is great but go for a 1 TB one. Games have gotten a lot bigger in recent times, and you might only be able to fit three games on a 500 GB SSD, especially when you consider your operating system and other files need space of their own.

Upgrade Your Router

Upgrading your router is very simple to do. But it can have a significant effect on your gaming experience. You will be able to download games faster (you need faster speeds because games are getting bigger) and be able to play online games with little lag or stutter.

Some routers also have settings that allow you to prioritize gaming packets for the lowest ping and latency.

When shopping for a router, ensure that it has all the features you need. You can look through the latest line of Lenovo high-speed routers to find one with the speeds and features you need to make your gaming experience better.

Switch To a Wired Connection

Wi-Fi is very convenient when gaming on portable devices. However, it is not the best option when gaming on a computer. Ethernet connections are more reliable and consistently have better speed than wireless connections.

When switching to a wired connection, ensure you get Cat 6 or Cat 6a Ethernet cables. These cables are capable of 10 Gigabit speeds but at different maximum lengths, which means they will support you even when you upgrade your router again in the future.

Get a Better Gaming Chair

If you game for more than a few hours every day, you will need a good gaming chair. The chair should be comfortable for you, provide enough lumbar support, and have different adjustments so you can make it as comfortable as possible.

Getting a better gaming experience will require that you change a few things in your setup. Upgrading your computer and router will make the most difference, but other changes and upgrades will help too.

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