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GPRS Full Form – What Is GPRS Full Form?

GPRS Full Form

The GPRS Full Form is “General Packet Radio Service“, “Great Pyrenees Rescue Society“, “Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy” and “Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy“. Apart from the these, GPRS has many other full forms listed below.

General Packet Radio Service – It is a packet oriented mobile data which allows the movement of data in mobile packets. It is very efficient use of network resources.

Mainly GPRS stands for “General Packet Radio Service“, “Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy“.

All GPRS Full Forms with Hindi Meanings

General Packet Radio Serviceजनरल पैकेट रेडियो सर्विस
Great Pyrenees Rescue Societyग्रेट पाइरेनीस रेस्क्यू सोसायटी
Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategyघाना गरीबी में कमी की रणनीति
Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategyविकास और गरीबी में कमी की रणनीति
Global Personnel Recovery Systemवैश्विक कार्मिक पुनर्प्राप्ति प्रणाली
Ground Penetrating Radar Systemग्राउंड पेनेट्रेटिंग रडार सिस्टम
Great Plains Rehabilitation Servicesग्रेट प्लेन्स रिहैबिलिटेशन सर्विसेज
Generalized Partial Response Signalingसामान्यीकृत आंशिक प्रतिक्रिया सिग्नलिंग

In the above table you must have seen all Full Forms of GPRS in Hindi Meaning. Now we are going to discuss some more useful information which is frequently asked by you.

You may also love to learn about the following Acronyms:


Frequently Asked Question for GPRS

1. What does GPRS stands for?

Answer: The GPRS stands for “General Packet Radio Service“, “Great Pyrenees Rescue Society“, “Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy“.

2. What is the Full Form of GPRS?

Answer: The full forms of GPRS is “General Packet Radio Service“, “Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy” and “Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy“.

3. What is GPRS Full Form in Mobile?

The GPRS Full Form in Mobile is “General Packet Radio Service“.


So if I conclude every word has different meaning. Finally we can conclude by saying that most used full forms of GPRS are “General Packet Radio Service“, “Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy“, “Great Pyrenees Rescue Society” and “Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy“.

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