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Frank Azar Net Worth

Frank Azar Net Worth

Frank Azar Net Worth comes largely from his profession as an attorney. He practices in the areas of mass torts, personal injury, and labor law. He has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years. In addition to his work as an attorney, Azar also has a variety of other interests. His hobbies include golf and cigars.

Frank Azar’s source of wealth is from being an attorney

Frank Azar is a well-known attorney and assistant district attorney. He has a large social media following and has a YouTube channel with over 230 subscribers. He is also active on Twitter with over 794K followers. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He has a few properties and vehicles, as well as a number of accounts in various banks. He also has stocks.

Frank Azar was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1986. He has a wealth of experience as an attorney and is well known for his public service. He has been featured on numerous television programs and has supported numerous charitable organizations. Among his accomplishments is founding the Azar Invitational charity golf tournament. He has also helped to fund scholarships for students at Trinidad State Junior College.

Azar’s early career was challenging. His father, a district attorney, had a difficult job marketing attorneys. Frank Azar’s marketing strategies are unique. He used interviews to promote his firm. His advertising is widely seen on television, both day and night. His advertisements are also distributed across multiple networks. These methods have helped him grow his business. He is a well-known attorney who makes money through personal injury law.

He has practiced law in Colorado and was previously an assistant district attorney. He enjoys reading, watching classic movies and smoking cigars from foreign countries. His legal work has won him over $10 million. Azar is also a noted expert in personal injury insurance. His recent victories include a lawsuit against Riddell, the primary provider of helmets to NFL players.

Frank Azar’s hobbies include golf and cigars

Frank Azar is a successful American attorney. He is known for his work on class actions against Walmart and defective hip implants for the elderly. Outside of the law, Azar enjoys golfing, cigars, and old movies. Frank Azar is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and weighs 78 kilograms.

Azar is married and has no children. His better half is named Jeanette Renfro. Azar also enjoys social media, and has a YouTube channel with 230 subscribers and 9.1 million views. The attorney is also active on Twitter, with a following of 3640. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He has been practicing law for over three decades, and has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients. Azar also has several accounts at different banks, and has a number of stocks.

Azar began practicing law at a young age, and soon became known as a prominent attorney. He is an American citizen and has a brother who practices law in Alaska. His sister Yvonne Azar also practices law in Colorado. He attended the University of Colorado and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1979. Azar has a passion for golf, and hosts an annual charity golf tournament, the Azar Invitational, to raise money for the Azar Scholarship Foundation, which helps deserving students attend Trinidad State Junior College.

Frank Azar grew up in Trinidad, CO, and spent most of his childhood there. He currently lives in Aurora, CO, where he owns and operates a law firm.

Frank Azar’s practice areas include: personal injury, labor law, and mass torts

Frank Azar is an attorney in Aurora, Colorado, with experience in personal injury, mass torts, and class actions. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and has represented clients in various types of accident cases. Azar graduated from the University of Colorado in 1979 and the University of Denver in 1982, where he earned his Juris Doctor. His practice focuses on personal injury, automobile accidents, and bad faith insurance claims.

Azar has been practicing law for more than 30 years and has established a reputation as a strong advocate for his clients in court. He is also known as the “Strong Arm of Colorado” for his aggressive litigation tactics. His client-centered approach has earned him a stellar reputation in the legal community, and he is well-respected for his kind nature.

Azar has an impressive social media presence. He has an Instagram account with over 3640 followers and a YouTube channel with more than 9.1 million views. He is active on Twitter as well, where he is followed by over 794K followers. Azar’s personal assets include real estate, cars, and several accounts at several banks. In addition to his many bank accounts, he owns several stocks.

Frank Azar’s dedication to community service has led him to participate in many community organizations and charities. He is a sponsor of the Bear Creek Mustangs Little League Football team. In addition to pursuing justice for his clients, he actively supports local charities and organizations through sponsorships and other activities.

Frank Azar has been an attorney for more than 30 years

Frank Azar has extensive experience and has won several high-profile cases. He is known locally for his work in the area of personal injury and was once an Assistant District Attorney for the Third Judicial District. He also gained national attention with his 26-state class action suit against Walmart, which resulted in a settlement of $750 million. The suit also led to changes to Walmart’s meal and overtime policies. Azar is also involved in many charitable causes. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarship programs in the southern Colorado area.

Azar was born in 1957 and is of American citizenship. He grew up in Trinidad, but now works out of Denver. He has a staff of 60 attorneys in 12 offices stretching from Fort Collins to Pueblo. He says business is booming in southern Colorado, and he doesn’t mind people calling him “Strong Arm.”

Azar has extensive experience in mass tort litigation. He has won a number of high-profile verdicts for his clients, including a $11.5 million verdict against Riddell, the primary helmet provider for the National Football League. In addition, he also represents whistleblowers in cases involving corporate corruption.

Azar’s background in personal injury law started in 1987. He graduated from the University of Colorado, and earned his law degree from the University of Denver. While living in Trinidad, he served as an assistant district attorney. After graduating from law school, he started his personal injury practice in Denver. Currently, he has multiple offices throughout Colorado and has successfully represented thousands of clients.

Frank Azar has a wife and two children

Frank Azar is a well-known personal injury lawyer who founded his own firm. Born in 1957, he is a naturalized U.S. citizen and is of white ethnicity. He has multiple accounts in his several banks and various financial assets. He also owns stocks and real estate.

Aside from his successful career as a plaintiff’s attorney, Frank Azar is also a successful philanthropist. His hobbies include watching old movies, smoking imported cigars, and playing golf. He also sponsors an annual charity golf tournament called the Azar Invitational. The event draws participants from around the country and raises money for scholarship programs for students at Trinidad State Junior College.

Aside from his work, Frank Azar is a husband and father. He has two grown children and a wife. He also has a law practice in Denver, Colorado. Azar is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association. Frank Azar’s law firm has over sixty employees.

Before joining the firm, Azar was an Assistant District Attorney in Colorado. He has extensive experience in many areas of law, including automobile accidents and injuries caused by medical malpractice. He has also represented customers injured during delivery processes and in various types of accidents. In addition, Azar’s practice focuses on personal injury insurance, birth injury law, and bad faith insurance claims.

Frank Azar Net Worth has been practicing law for three decades and has won thousands of settlements and jury verdicts. His cases have included many class action lawsuits involving big companies like Wal-Mart and big pharmaceutical companies. Currently, he is fighting for victims of the Da Vinci Robot and defective hip implants.

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