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Fat Freezing Machine: Is it Safe to Use at Home?

Fat Freezing Machine: Is it Safe to Use at Home?

Surgical fat removal treatments or liposuction have long been scorned among health experts who believe such procedures can have severe and long-lasting side effects such as numbness, under-skin bleeding, changes in skin colour, pulmonary oedema, etc.

That is when innovations emerged in the form of non-invasive and pain-free methods to dissolve or reduce fat–fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis. The fat freezing machine is gaining popularity as many Australian homes embrace this new-age technique of burning unwanted excess.

However, it is natural to question how safe such devices are, especially as a DIY-er. This guide explores precisely this.

Is Fat Freezing Safe, Yay or Nay?

The first step toward determining whether fat freezing is safe is to decide whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for it. Do you notice a pad of fat or localised fat that needs to be resolved, such as an under-belly bulge or fat pad on the inner thighs?

If yes, then fat freezing might work for you. Still, try the pinch test – pinch targeted areas and see if they’re a few centimetres thick. Also, ensure it is fat that you’re pinching and not just loose skin. In case of green light, you can consider purchasing a fat-freezing machine.

Keep in mind that visceral fat, cellulite, and loose skin will not shrink with fat freezing. If you’re an ideal candidate, the procedure should be painless, effective, and safe.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before you purchase a cryolipolysis machine and conduct thorough research, you might consider getting the opinion of an experienced therapist or aesthetic doctor.

Visit treatment centres to get an idea of the treatments that might work best for your unique case. However, ensure you read about the overview of fat-freezing treatments and the type of devices available in the Australian market.

Knowledge is power, so wield it in your favour!

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re not well-versed with how a cryolipolysis machine functions, then gain knowledge first. This is because the applicators included in the machine work by freezing off the fat in the targeted areas. Sometimes, the procedure may involve temperatures as low as -8 degrees Celsius.

Suppose you leave these applicators and cooling paddles on targeted areas for too long. In that case, you might experience serious side effects such as numbness, frostbite, severe pains, or worse, permanent damage to the issue. As a result, you’ll need further medical assistance. So, it’s better always to be prepared and then go ahead.

When choosing the right cryolipolysis machine, keep the following in mind –

  • It should offer non-invasive treatment
  • It should offer safety through controlled cooling features
  • It should target localised fat
  • It should be able to treat different parts of the body – chin, thighs, belly, etc.
  • It should show some results after the first session itself.

You can enrol yourself into fat-freezing courses to be conversant with the procedure.

Time to Close

Fat-freezing machine is gaining much popularity in Australia and other parts of the world. The benefits it offers as opposed to surgical procedures are undoubtedly worth exploring.

Ensure you check your suitability as a candidate, run background checks on the fat-freezing machine supplier you choose, and educate yourself on how to use the applicators and cooling paddles. This will ensure a genuinely pain-free, smooth, and effective fat-freezing experience.

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