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Everything You Need to Know About Sheet Masks

Everything You Need to Know About Sheet Masks
Woman relaxing with moisturizer facial mask

You might have seen it first from your favourite Korean dramas, but sheet masks have been one of the most famous and most sought-after skincare products that are taking the world by storm. Wearing these facial mask products like PRESS REFRESH™️ Face Peels have become the treatment of choice by those who want to achieve the dewy, youthful glow just like what you would normally see in the faces of your favourite Korean celebrities.

But aside from Korean idols, ordinary people share that using sheet masks has become a part of their daily skincare routine on an online forum page. Some even claim that these products are the only ones that can maintain their skin’s suppleness. If you want to see if these claims are valid, you need to know some facts about these facial masks.

Origin of Sheet Masks Explained 

Sheet masks, also known as face masks, have been part of human’s beauty routine since ancient times. Reports link it back to almost 5,000 years ago in ancient India, where Ayurveda practitioners used a face and body mask they refer to as ubtan, considered one of the earliest cosmetic products in history.

The ancient Egyptians also have their own unique version of face masks. They initially used clay, then created other variations like honey and milk and crocodile poop. Even Cleopatra have her own version of face mask with egg whites as its main ingredients.

The Chinese civilization also has an ancient version of the current facial mask trend. Tang Dynasty’s Yang Guifei, one of the famous Four Ancient Beauties of China, used a mixture of jadeite, ginger root, tea leaves, pearl, and lotus and applied it as a mask to brighten the face.

Modern Face Mask Versions

Contemporary face masks began to emerge as early as 1975 when Ohio dressmaker Madam Helen Rowly invented the popular toilet mask, a soft contraption in the face that aims to unclog pores and fight dark spots.

Fast forward to the 2010s when the Korean influence reached the American market. It resulted in the rise of extensive skincare routine using products with potent ingredients. Sheet masks became one of the essential products to achieve soft, ageless skin. Some products like PRESS REFRESH™️ Face Peels also address other skin problems like acne breakouts and other blemishes using its exfoliating properties.

How Does Face Mask Work? 

A thin sheet of paper is soaked with a highly concentrated serum with numerous active ingredients like vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The sheet helps prevent the abrupt evaporation of the serum from giving the skin more time to absorb it. As a result, it surpasses the ability of the usual serum products that you apply directly to the skin.

How Frequently Do You Need to Apply Sheet Mask? 

If you follow the suggestions of some Kpop idols, you must use a sheet mask every day to keep the skin looking soft and fresh all the time. But if you plan to use it to get rid of skin blemishes, you might have to read the product’s instructions to ensure that you get the most favourable results.

Using a sheet mask as part of your beauty regimen can help you achieve your desired skin without the need to spend on expensive beauty treatments. Just make sure that you buy high-quality products from reputable companies to guarantee that your skin will be properly cared for by your chosen product.


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