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Evangelism: A Gleaming Light of Spirituality

Thom S. Rainer

Evangelism originated in the eternal council of God and further broadened to the perspective of learning the teachings of the Gospel to communicate to people worldwide. Religious leaders and spiritual mentors who tend to accept spiritual intelligence through the words of God encourage people to follow the path of spirituality and accept the notion of spiritual intelligence. The in-depth learning and understanding of spirituality help maintain the focus on the long-term goals by constructing a sense of purpose.

The conceptual framework of evangelism has been buried somewhere between the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle and remains alive in the heart of a few. According to a survey by Thom S. Rainer, an increasing decline in Christian practices such as visiting church has been recorded. Considering baptism as the close proxy for evangelism, in 1972, the number peaked at 445,725, while in 2021, a significant decline (154,701) was observed.

However, witnessing the decline in people visiting the church, Darren Duran Hulbert aims to integrate evangelism at the core. He is recognized as a pastor, walking on the path of God’s teachings, after he graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 1988.

After Hulbert’s graduation, from 1988 to 1990, he was appointed as an associate pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, Norco, Riverside County, and Southern California. He also participated in introducing the concept of Grace Life, a reminder that God’s grace is the foundation of our lives. Later in 1994, he enrolled at The Master’s Seminary to comprehensively understand and attain a Masters of Divinity degree.

Hulbert published two books, CEO of Self: Leading Your Seven Cultures Amid Chaos and The Whole Purpose of God. In the former book, he frames the concept of cultural existence, which directs the reactions, while the latter book highlights the purpose of God in a man’s life. God’s purpose for a man’s life sheds light on two major dimensions: first, the purpose in the world to come, and second, the purpose in the present world, which is intricately fabricated.

Following the teachings of the Gospel, Hulbert established the foundation of Advancing God’s Kingdom, a ministry aiming to adopt the notion based on the spiritual intelligence of entrepreneurs in the seminary industry. Through the platform, he invites people to accept the transition of the kingdom mindset while advancing to the kingdom of God.

He believes that advancing towards the kingdom of God is magnificent, which strengthens the faith in Jesus. Thus, when the mind has already acknowledged the mission, we don’t look at the circumstances or speak to others with the consideration of what we can do, but the theory narrows down to what God will do through us. As stated in John 3:30: “For Jesus to increase, you must decrease.”

Furthermore, Hulbert conveys that the mindset during the transitioning phase fosters dependence on God; hence, one requires the Holy Spirit to show the gleaming path of advancement. Humility is vital in order to rigorously follow the path of advancing toward the kingdom of God. The subsequent element conveys learning from the ups and downs encountered in life, as such phases are teaching experiences from God. To put it another way, God dresses one in a wardrobe of humility throughout the learning journey.

In addition to Advancing God’s Kingdom, in 2001, he established a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization to create awareness about Jesus’ Great Commission along with adopting the phenomena of evangelism within the business community. As a result, the approach proved to be beneficial for the community as the vision was channeled into the introduction of churches.

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”

– Hudson Taylor

The devotion residing in Hulbert’s heart is endless, and that impelled him to travel to the northern mountain community of Los Angeles in order to serve the Lebec Community Church. During his time, he poured the love of God into those around him, enlightening the community to commit to the words of the Gospel.

Hulbert, along with evangelism, also believes in financial independence. Ultimately, he established the foundation of Kingdom Investor Group™, with the mission to guide others regarding financial intelligence, leadership development, and real estate, in addition to operating within the ethical boundaries confined by religion.

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