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Enjoy The Most Nostalgic Game In The Online Version: Ludo

ludo download

If you love board games, ludo has got to be one of your favorites. This traditional game of Pachisi has entertained multiple generations in India and continues to be a crowd’s favorite. For those not familiar with the game or new to it, ludo is also a strategy-based game with small strategies involved that allow one to win the game – though it may take expertise and keen decision-making skills to win consistently against the constant competition. It can be played just about anywhere, such as at the office or even at home on your desktop computer from wherever you are in the world, by downloading your favorite application into your phone!

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Here are some reasons why ludo is one of the most entertaining games and how the online version promises a nostalgic rush and reduces stress. 

More Than Just A Game

Whenever you set up a game, you can never be sure how the players will turn out, and so although it is supposed to be fun for all, reality almost always intrudes by dint of the recklessness that comes with every dice move. So when you play games like ludo are made subject to luck and chance, losing players in your team who have been hard at work trying to win the ultimate goal can only feel truly frustrating. 

But then there’s no denying that some of the most satisfying moments in such games occur when you see yourself on top even after starting at the bottom! Moreover, the online version of a game like Ludo or Snakes becomes particularly challenging since it involves virtual strangers playing against each other across different parts of the world where just pitting your wits against them without any personal insult can become a far more gratifying experience than if face-to-face! The next time you search for “ludo download”, you’d know, you are in for a treat!

Seize The Day!

One of the best ludo tricks is planning and getting all of your pieces out quickly. Games can go on for hours, so you must do what you can as early as possible to make sure that you come out a winner! When dice are rolled in ludo, it is often best to move as many of your pieces as possible together, really taking advantage of each roll. This allows you to keep playing once the dice values begin going up and you’re unable to roll multiple times in a row (the maximum number of consecutive rolls being determined by the highest die). Focus on quickly getting your pawns and tokens out into the open whenever possible by moving them all at once for the best results!

Mark Your Territory

Distracting your opponent is a trick of getting coins safely to enter the home. When your coins are nearing your home, you will always eye them and aim to capture them. To save precious coins from the opponent’s attack, you need to block them by chasing their pieces. This ensures they are essentially locked out from reaching you directly. Doing this gives you added peace of mind and keeps you from worrying about always having enough coins on hand for defense or worrying about dealing with barricades and cages being set up around you.

Although distraction is an often-used tactic, it’s also a trick that can lead to the loss of coins. If you find yourself losing your coins, you should try your best to avoid letting your opponent move closer to you as it puts them in a stronger position. 

Be Patient

Finishing a project may seem like winning the game of life. You’ve come so far and are almost there, on the brink of success. However, patience is what’s key when it comes to playing ludo. For example, opponents cannot take it away if you have a pawn in the star-shaped zone on the board. So even on turns where you don’t roll a good number, hold back on moving that pawn in case your opponent passes a bad turn, too; these are situations when patience plays an essential role in staying safe! Don’t let the situation get out of hand and instead play it safe if there are other pieces not in the safe zone at risk of being captured or if the remaining time slot is running low. It’s best to sacrifice making some gains elsewhere to protect your currency from one piece being taken off of the game.

Befriend the Rules

Understanding the basics of any game that you want to improve at is key, which is true for ludo. Ludo, or the more common version known as Pachisi, is a board game where rules come into play that will affect the outcome of your game. This means that if each person involved knows how they are supposed to act during their turn, they will have a much easier time letting their strategic planning shine through as reckless behavior drastically affects one’s odds of winning in a ludo match-up! Learning when it’s best to make captures and avoiding poor moves like moving into the last quadrant are integral lessons for those who are new to playing ludo! As a beginner, you should always concentrate on learning the rules of ludo.

Get, Set, Attack

Playing ludo is one of the most thrilling parts of everybody’s childhood. First, you had to decide if you were going to play with your friends in a connected game (everyone’s coins on the line) or if you were going to chill and get your game face on against an opponent who only has his coins on the line. In either case, you must do some calculations regarding your risk level before making any moves. For example, if an attack would cost you one of your two coins, but there is a chance for safety via jumping over a square and putting distance between yourself and any attacks leaving you with only one coin intact – then go for it! 


Playing ludo brings a surge of emotions and a rush of nostalgia and transports one of the good old days. The points mentioned above will help you to enhance your gameplay.

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