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Elite Dangerous Game Review

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration game that provides an immersive experience for space enthusiasts. It features a 1:1 simulation of the Milky Way Galaxy with 400 billion star systems to explore.

Some of these star systems contain Belt Clusters, which offer valuable resources and high-value commodities for explorers. These asteroid-rings also pay zero cartographic fees, making them a lucrative destination for intrepid commanders.

Uncharted territories

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration game that immerses players in a stunning universe with numerous uncharted territories. Whether it’s a mysterious phenomenon or a lucrative discovery, the galaxy holds many intriguing mysteries that are waiting to be discovered by intrepid commanders. One of these mysteries are Belt Clusters, fascinating formations of asteroids that contain a variety of valuable resources. These clusters are mesmerizing beacons that attract explorers with their beauty and promise of riches. They also provide a thrilling challenge to conquer, fueling the sense of adventure in every intrepid pilot.

The asteroid Belt Clusters in Elite Dangerous can be an excellent source of income for intrepid commanders, especially those who know how to find them. These mysterious formations offer a wide range of valuable resources, including metals and minerals that can be sold for a large profit at stations. Some even contain rare materials that are vital for science research. This makes it crucial for commanders to properly outfit their ships before embarking on a mission in the asteroid belts. To get the most out of their exploration, they should equip themselves with advanced scanners and fuel scoops. Additionally, it’s essential to have a ship with a long jump range for safe and efficient navigation.

In addition to their wealth-generating potential, Belt Clusters can be a great place to find interesting phenomena, including natural disasters and other surprises. Depending on the system, these phenomena can be extremely dangerous and may require combat capabilities or evasion strategies. It is also recommended to have a ship with adequate repair modules and internal compartments for extra equipment.

To maximize their profits, intrepid commanders should visit systems that have been previously unmapped by Universal Cartographics. This will reduce competition and increase the chances of finding high-value asteroids. They can then sell the data to Universal Cartographics for a substantial amount of credits.

Using the asteroid mining rigs, commanders can mine a variety of mineral and organic materials to produce high-value commodities. These can be sold for a large profit at the station, providing them with a steady stream of income. In addition, they can also use the asteroid materials to build their own ships or upgrade their existing ones.

Valuable resources

The universe in elite dangerous universal cartographics belt clusters pay zero is filled with captivating mysteries and Belt Clusters serve as mesmerizing beacons, beckoning explorers to these fascinating formations. These asteroid field clusters offer a unique blend of beauty and wealth, offering a plethora of valuable resources that can be extracted. But there is more to Belt Clusters than their wealth, and intrepid commanders often venture to these enticing destinations for a chance to etch their names into the history of space exploration.

The Belt Clusters of Elite Dangerous provide lucrative opportunities for intrepid pilots, but they require specialized equipment to navigate the treacherous terrain. Commanders need to outfit their ships with long-range jump drives and advanced scanners, as the system terrain can be extremely hazardous, especially in densely packed asteroid belts. Moreover, these dense asteroid fields are frequently infested with pirates and criminals, and the risk of interception can be high.

Those who want to make the most of their discovery rewards in Elite Dangerous should use the Full Spectrum System Scanner, which provides detailed information on the bodies scanned. This information includes the elemental composition of a body, as well as the location and presence of points of interest. The FSS also shows the name(s) of the commander(s) who detected and mapped the body.

As a result, the first commander to detect an object with the FSS receives a significant bonus on its value. These valuable discoveries can boost the player’s profits and reputation, and can be sold at stations for substantial in-game credits. This is an excellent opportunity for explorers to boost their earnings and help the Sirius Corporation’s colonisation project.

In addition to the valuable discoveries, a player can earn credits by scanning objects and documenting them. The resulting data can be sold to Universal Cartographics for a generous amount of in-game credit. However, if a planetary surface is hostile or dangerous, the player will have to pay for repairs. Hence, it is advisable to avoid hostile planets or unexplored stars. Aside from that, the player can still get some valuable resources by exploring the outer regions of the galaxy.

Exhilarating adventure

The vast expanse of space offers a myriad of thrilling opportunities for explorers. From the wonder of vistas that have never been witnessed to the potential for significant profits, exploration offers an unparalleled experience. Those who choose to venture into Belt Clusters, a collection of interconnected asteroid fields, can make discoveries that contribute to humanity’s understanding of the cosmos. However, navigating these complex areas can be challenging. Fortunately, a few simple strategies can help explorers make the most of their expeditions.

First, explorers should consider the location of the system’s Belt Cluster. Some systems have less traffic in their Belt Clusters, reducing competition and increasing the chances of finding high-value asteroids. Additionally, explorers can increase their earnings by investing in the proper equipment. A good mining laser, prospector limpets, and collector limpets can greatly increase the amount of asteroids mined in a given time. Additionally, specialized scanning equipment can help explorers find rarer asteroids.

Once a pilot has located a belt cluster, he or she can begin mapping it for Universal Cartographics, a service that pays explorers for their discoveries. Universal Cartographics also allows explorers to sell data for their discoveries at stations, generating a substantial in-game profit.

Aside from monetary rewards, the allure of exploring Belt Clusters is the thrill of discovery. These unique formations of asteroids, found within star systems and planetary rings, often contain awe-inspiring vistas and rich geological treasures. Furthermore, a successful expedition into a Belt Cluster can earn the explorer a distinguished reputation amongst his or her peers.

The awe-inspiring visuals and abundant resources of these asteroid formations attract commanders who desire to explore the cosmos and leave their mark in history. To maximize their profits, explorers should equip their ships with long-range jump drives, advanced scanners, and fuel scoops. Moreover, they should prioritize a ship with adequate internal storage space to accommodate the necessary equipment. Aside from these essentials, explorers should be prepared to encounter a variety of hazards, including natural disasters and hostile forces in unexplored star systems. The right equipment and knowledge can ensure a safe and rewarding exploration adventure.

Risky expeditions

elite dangerous universal cartographics belt clusters pay zero is a sci-fi space exploration game that takes place in a realistic representation of the Milky Way galaxy. It provides a thrilling experience for commanders who venture into the unexplored regions of the universe, documenting and selling their discoveries to Universal Cartographics. The game features intriguing formations called belt clusters that lure explorers with their awe-inspiring beauty and promise of riches. However, it is not only wealth that beckons these intrepid commanders to explore these mysterious formations. They also seek the thrill of uncovering rare discoveries and the sense of accomplishment in contributing to humanity’s knowledge of the cosmos.

While a risky expedition is an excellent way to earn in-game credits, there are a few things to keep in mind when embarking on one. First, it is important to select the right system. This will reduce competition and increase your chances of finding high-value asteroids. Secondly, it is vital to have the right equipment for mining. Investing in a powerful mining laser, prospector limpets, and collector limpets will allow you to mine asteroids more quickly and efficiently. Lastly, it is important to explore deeper into the belt clusters. This will allow you to find more asteroids that are of higher value and can be sold for a greater profit.


For many space explorers, a major part of their experience is documenting and selling the exploration data they gather. They do this by visiting star systems, scanning planets and moons, and collecting asteroid data. This data is then sold at various stations for substantial in-game credits. This is a lucrative career for those who are willing to go where few others have gone.

Although a risky and dangerous pursuit, it’s one that continues to grow in popularity as more people are drawn to extreme adventures. Travel companies like Black Tomato are offering trips that allow people to unplug from modern life and explore far-flung regions with the help of expert guides. These trips aren’t cheap, however. A typical trip can cost more than a luxury car or a flight ticket.

The recent tragedy of a French mountaineer who fell to his death on Mont Blanc has brought attention to the risks associated with this type of expedition. It has also raised questions about who is responsible for search and rescue operations, and whether insurance should be offered to cover such costs. The accident highlights the challenges of this new world of adventure travel.


FAQ 1: What are Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters in Elite Dangerous?

Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters are a type of celestial phenomenon in the Elite Dangerous galaxy. These clusters consist of numerous asteroids and planetary rings located within a relatively small area of space. They are often rich in valuable minerals and resources, making them attractive destinations for miners and explorers.

FAQ 2: Do I Get Paid for Scanning Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters?

No, you do not receive payment for scanning Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters in Elite Dangerous. These clusters are primarily locations for mining and resource extraction rather than astronomical discoveries. To earn credits as an explorer, you should focus on scanning planets, stars, and other astronomical objects that have not been previously discovered and turning in the data to Universal Cartographics.

FAQ 3: Can I Still Make Money by Mining in Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters?

Yes, you can potentially make a substantial income by mining within Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters. These clusters often contain valuable minerals and materials like Painite, Void Opals, or Low Temperature Diamonds. Miners can extract these resources and sell them on the market for profit.

FAQ 4: Are Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters Worth Visiting for Exploration Purposes?

If your primary goal is exploration and discovering new celestial objects, Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters may not be the best choice. These clusters are known locations and won’t provide you with exploration credits or first-discovery bonuses. Instead, focus on exploring uncharted systems and scanning celestial bodies that haven’t been cataloged yet.

FAQ 5: Are There Any Special Tips for Navigating and Mining in Belt Clusters?

Navigating and mining in Belt Clusters can be challenging due to the dense asteroid fields. Here are some tips:

  1. Use a Mining Ship: Outfit your ship with appropriate mining equipment like mining lasers, abrasion blasters, and a collector limpet controller for efficient resource extraction.
  2. Beware of Pirates: Belt Clusters can attract pirates looking to steal your valuable cargo. Consider equipping your ship with defensive measures such as shield boosters and point defense turrets.
  3. Mind Your Cargo Hold: Make sure to manage your cargo hold carefully, and don’t overfill it with mined resources. Head back to a station to sell your valuable cargo and avoid potential losses if your ship is destroyed.
  4. Scanning for the Best Deposits: Use a detailed surface scanner to identify the most valuable asteroid deposits within the cluster before mining. This can help optimize your resource collection.

Remember that the Elite Dangerous galaxy is vast, and there are countless opportunities for exploration and profit. Balancing your activities between mining, exploration, and other in-game professions can provide a well-rounded experience in the game

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