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Deputy Superintendent of Police Full Form


Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) is a rank of police officer in India. They represent state police forces. Depending on the state government rules, they may be promoted to IPS after several years of service.

To become a DySP, you must have a degree in any field and pass exams like physical body requirement test and interview test. The exam is administered by UPSC.

Rank Insignia

Rank insignia are the embroidered patches or plaques that indicate a person’s rank in the military or other service branch. Typically, these insignia consist of a gold or silver oak leaf and an eagle. Officers in higher pay grades wear two, three or four stars.

In the United States, Army officers are ranked by pay grade and may receive promotions to the rank of major. These promotions are governed by the Department of Defense policies derived from the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act of 1980.

There are many different types of ranks in the police department, including superintendents (SPs), assistant inspectors (ASIs) and sub-inspectors (SIs). These positions are largely responsible for the day-to-day operations of a police station.

The highest-ranking officer in the police department is the Inspector General of Police. IGs are also members of the Indian Police Service and work for the government of India. They are responsible for maintaining law and order in their area.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, or DIG, is the next-highest-ranking police officer. He provides support to the IG by overseeing and controlling the operations of the police force in his area. He also reports the results of the police activity to the IG. Most state governments have multiple DIGs to ensure that the law and order is maintained. In addition to the DIG, some state governments also have special director generals, such as the special director general of police, or SDGP.


Deputy superintendent of police, or DySP for short, is a senior police officer with state-level responsibilities. You have the job of ensuring the safety of your town or city, and enforcing local and special laws within your jurisdiction. Typically, you lead a team of about 10 officers. Depending on the size of your area, you may also be responsible for several additional towns and villages.

There are several ways to earn the rank of DYSP, including direct recruitment by the UPSC. This involves a rigorous three-stage selection process that includes a written test, an interview and a physical test. You must be at least 21 years old and have a graduation degree to qualify. There are also age relaxations for people from certain groups, such as women and members of the armed forces.

Another way to become a DySP is through a lateral transfer. Alternatively, you can join a state police force as an inspector and then move up the ranks. You will likely start out in an assistant command position, before being promoted to a deputy superintendent of police.

The military uses rank insignia to represent a service members level of leadership and the corresponding responsibilities. To find out what the insignia for your military branch looks like, check out these U.S. Department of Defense rank insignia charts for enlisted, officer and warrant officer ranks by pay grade. Insignia include gold oak leaves, silver eagles and stars. You can learn more about the various insignia and their meanings by visiting the official website of your service branch.


DSP is the full form of Deputy Superintendent of Police. It is the title held by a district police head in India. They are responsible for policing the district, including the city and its surrounding areas.

A senior superintendent of police is in charge of the district police force in big cities or districts with a high population, and a deputy superintendent of police heads the district police in smaller districts.

In the Public Service Sector, a DSP earns a salary of Rs. 119864- Per month, after deductions. The pay is based on seniority and rank. A minimum of five years of seniority-based service is required before receiving the pay level.

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