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DDOS Attack Disrupts Lithuanian Energy Firm

Data protection

Lithuanian power company Ignitis Group was struck by what it called its “largest cyber-attack in a decade” on Saturday when numerous dispersed rejection of service (DDoS) assaults were focused on it, interrupting its electronic services and sites. Data protection again becomes a hot topic.

Pro-Russian hacking group Killnet claimed obligation for the assault on its Telegram channel on Saturday, making this the most recent in a collection of assaults introduced by the team in Lithuania because of that country’s assistance for Ukraine in the battle with Russia.

In a blog post on the Ignitis Group’s Facebook page on July 9, the firm said it had been able to manage and restrict the strike’s impact on its systems which no breaches were taped. Nevertheless, the blog post likewise revealed that strikes were continuous. Speaking on Lithuanian radio, the nation’s vice preacher for national defense cautioned against extreme attention being paid to such cyber-attacks.

He thinks that their key objective is seeking attention and driving tensions in the area. ” We require to recognize that promotion is an extremely fundamental part of these attacks. If we do not speak about them, the opposite will certainly lose inspiration.

When we discuss supposed victories, regarding alleged penalty of Lithuania, it’s encouraging the other side,” Margiris Abukevicius informed Ziniu Radijas news radio. Lithuanian organizations and also businesses have been hit by comprehensive cyber-attacks considering that late June when it began applying EU assents on goods traveling to Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic shore.

Ignitis Team is among the largest power firms in the Baltic states. It runs in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland as well as Finland where its core activities consist of power and warm generation as well as supply, power and also natural gas trading and also circulation. The team’s firms supply power and gas to about 1.6 million organization as well as personal clients. In a press release,

Ignitis Group claimed it is accepting liable authorities and is continuing efforts to make certain the availability of its internet sites as well as digital solutions. Edvinas Kerza, head of organization resilience at Ignitis Group, commented: “Our existing priority is to guarantee that the Team’s websites as well as systems made use of by the customers are running without disruptions. After the works are complete, we will promptly examine how we can enhance our procedures and enhance the systems a lot more to ensure that, even under such a massive assault, the procedures are interrupted as little as possible.”

With regular instances of ransomware attacks and enterprises from all walks of life being attacked, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly critical problem for businesses to address. Regardless of your sector, you must safeguard your data. Only by ensuring corporate data security can we provide proper protection for consumers and ourselves, as well as improve enterprise smooth operation. Virtual machine backup is a popular approach of data protection these days. Many organizations use VMware Backup to protect their data since it is simple to use and affordable to maintain.

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