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Benefits of Plastic Crane Pads

If you’re in the construction industry, plastic crane pads are a great way to protect your equipment and the delicate structures around them. They are lightweight and strong but don’t absorb moisture and expand or shrink over time. The engineering behind the material makes them a great choice for foundational support because they don’t degrade or fatigue under pressure. And they are safe for use on all types of aerial equipment. Here are a few benefits of using a plastic pad for your crane:

UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene): These durable, abrasion-resistant materials are ideal for crane pads. OSHA regulations require stabilizing all heavy hoisting equipment, including cranes and hoists. Using the right pads will lower soil pressure and prevent accidents. In addition, the materials can be lightweight and will not crack when used on construction sites or other hazardous locations.

Outrigger Pads: For heavy-duty cranes, outrigger pads are essential. Not only do they support the crane’s outriggers, but they also help stabilize the entire vehicle. If outriggers aren’t properly supported, they can roll over, resulting in dangerous situations. Get in touch with Prime Tech Pads to purchase a plastic outrigger pad now. To prevent this, crane pads provide stability by dispersing pressure over a large surface area. Also, they protect the roadbed by preventing the crane from tipping over.

FiberMax: Made from continuous fiberglass reinforcement, these lightweight, high-strength crane pads are strong and durable. Unlike wood or plastic, they don’t rot or decay. The strength of these composite pads is comparable to that of their steel counterparts. Unlike plastic and wood pads, these materials won’t absorb water, extending their useful life. If you’re in the construction industry, fiber-reinforced pads are an excellent choice for your needs.

Outrigger Pads. These pads are essential for stabilizing heavy equipment. Without outrigger pads, they could tip over and cause damage to client property. Outriggers are designed to stabilize a crane, but without outrigger pads, they could tip over and cause serious injury. You should shop bigfoot outrigger pad now.You’ll need a strong pad to stabilize your equipment if you’re in construction. There are several other benefits of using outrigger pads.

Dura-Base Outrigger Pads. These durable outrigger pads are made of 100 percent HDPE material and weigh around a thousand pounds. These pads have a unique locking pin system that allows you to layer multiple mats for temporary work or road pads. Depending on the size and weight of your equipment, they can support up to 120 tons. And if you need them for a specific job, you can even order a custom-made one.

Outrigger Pads

Outrigger pads made from UHMW, which stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, have a stronger impact resistance than wood. In addition to being lightweight, UHMW outrigger pads can flex over rough terrain, protecting your outrigger from breaking under stress. Shop the best bigfoot outrigger pads now. Wood outrigger pads are susceptible to breaking and absorb moisture, which weakens the pad and increases the likelihood of breakage. In contrast, UHMW is much stronger and lasts for a long time.

For maximum protection, professionals in this area should buy thermoplastic outrigger pads. In addition to understanding the equipment load, you should also consider the type of ground-bearing pressures your equipment will face. Finally, the specific material and product designs should also be considered. Utility Products is a great resource for this information. Consider checking out their e-newsletter or website. They can help you find the right plastic crane pads for your application.



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