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Beat The Genius Flipkart Answers Today !

Beat The Genius Flipkart Answers Today

Beat The Genius Flipkart Answers Today

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz answers today July 12 (Episode 28)

  • Answer 1: Pichola
  • Answer 2: Pan Am
  • Answer 3: Nirma
  • Answer 4: Devavrata
  • Answer 5: Neville D’Souza

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz questions and answers for July 12th (Episode 28)

Question 1: On which lake would you find the Lake Palace in Udaipur?

Answer: Pichola

Question 2: Neerja Bhanot the flight attendant killed by terrorists worked for which airline?

Answer: Pan Am

Question 3: Karsanbhai Patel is best known as the founder of which company?

Answer: Nirma

Question 4: In the Mahabharata which son of Shantanu and Ganga took up the name Bishma?

Answer: Devavrata

Question 5: At the 1956 Melbourne Olympics who became the first Asian to score a hattrick in Olympics football?

Answer: Neville D’Souza

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