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How to track the location of your kid using Android monitoring software?

Android Monitoring Software

Location tracking has become an integral part of our lives under the presence of GPS technology. Over the recent years, people have got unbelievable advantages of cell phone location tracking. Technology has revolutionized itself to the next level, and we have got android monitoring software to track kids’ locations for many different reasons.

Android tracking brands are floating on the web, but you have to get your hands on the best one in the business. Do you get to know about the android monitoring app in detail?

What is Android Monitoring software?

It is an application that works on rooted and non-rooted cell phone devices connected to cyberspace. It empowers you to track the location of your kids, location history, and route maps of the child. Kids’ are hangout out with friends and with strangers without the consent of their parents. The monitoring app for android can record live phone calls and monitor surroundings. It is easy to install, and you can operate the android tracker via an online web control panel. 

Top rated features of Android tracking application

Here are the following tools of the android monitoring software. You can build these software from android development company in Hyderabad. They not only empower you to track the location of the kids but also monitor activities.

Location tracker

Android monitoring is possible these days, and you can use a tracking app for android to track the live location of your target phone. Android monitoring spyware is the best tool to trace your target phone location with the schedule.

Location history

You can watch your kid’s location history virtually on the Map using monitoring software for android. It empowers you to know about recently visited places with virtual representation on Maps.


  • Parents can trace the kids using Geo-Fencing. They can create an electronic fence around the target device virtually.
  • User will get email notification when your child enters or leave the fence.

Call recording 

Parents can record and listen to the kid’s phone calls when kids are not at home. You can download the data of the recoded calls and save it to the dashboard.

Social Media spy

Parents can monitor and track social messaging apps, and you can monitor messaging logs, chat, voice chat, multimedia sharing, and voice calls. Parents can monitor the Facebook logs, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Viber, and others.

Browsing history

Young kids are obsessed with adult sites, and they often visit adult websites on their phone’s browsers. Android monitoring app is the best tool for parents to keep an eye on kid’s internet activities. . You can watch visited sites and bookmarked web pages.

Keystrokes logging

Users can record and monitor keystrokes applied on a mobile phone using keylogging software for android. You can capture passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Why the android monitoring app does is best to track kids?

  • The application is easy to install and operate
  • It is a non-rooted application but works on both rooted and non-rooted phones
  • It works secretly on the target cell phone device
  • It remains hidden and impossible to get detected
  • Application has dozens of features
  • It can track location with pinpoint accuracy
  • You can trace target phone, location, and lost phones

Why track the location of your kids?

Kids monitoring is a complete subject these days. Parents do believe that they can make sure of their safety by using GPS technology. Smartphone devices help out parents to keep an eye on their kids via the built-in GPS feature.

However, built-in GPS trackers do not make any difference. They are unable to provide real-time locations of kids using GPS. So, GPS tracking of your kids using a smartphone built-in feature is not good and reliable. Therefore, you need to prefer a service of android monitoring software that empowers you to track the pinpoint location of your kids using their smartphone.

How to get an Android surveillance app to track kid’s location?

There are plenty of spy apps on the web, but you need the one who tracks kid’s location and monitors android phone’s activities. You can visit the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app webpage. Further, visit the by now page and get a subscription. Install the android tracking app following the instructions and get the job done.


TheOneSpy is one of the best brands that offer kids monitoring solutions, and you can use them to safeguard your kids to the fullest.

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