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A Simple Guide To Help You With Your Online Tyre Purchase

types of tyres online

Whether it is an SUV or a heavy-duty vehicle, tyres are one of the most important components in vehicles. You can find different brands, sizes, and types of tyres online, which could make the purchase a bit complicated. Tyres also come in various applications, and you cannot go wrong when choosing them. Here is a checklist to get the right tyre for your vehicle.

Tread Depth

Driving with worn-out tyres can be dangerous for you, the passengers, and other people on the road. So, you need to ensure that your tyre has a minimum tread depth to function in different environments. Here are some things you must remember.

  • Tyres with a lesser tread depth than 1.6 mm are considered unroadworthy.
  • Tread depth of 3mm or less in wet conditions may lead to a loss of wet traction.
  • Traction diminishes largely during snow conditions reaching 4.75 mm. Tyres with shallow groove depth and lug affect the ability to bite into the snow or get the compressed snow out.
  • If your tyres have irregular wear, you need to replace them immediately.

Tread Variety

The different types of tyre tread that are found in the market are:

1. Symmetrical

The symmetrical tread is commonly found in non-high-performing or regular road cars. This type of tread is cheap to manufacture and lasts long but has an inferior road grip.

2. Asymmetrical

Sports vehicles have asymmetrical treads. The inside of such tyres helps in water displacement, while the outer part enables good cornering grip.

3. Directional

Directional treads are found in a wide V shape, and such uniformity in tread structure helps rotation in one direction. It is the best choice to get a better road grip and water dispersion.

Tyre Size

Getting the right size of the tyre is crucial to ensure road safety. Also, it is essential to prevent causing additional stress on the heel or the risks of coming off while on the road. Some commonly available sizes are:

  • The size of all-season tyres ranges between 14-18″, providing a solid grip and a long lifespan.
  • The size of performance all-season tyres varies between 15 to 20″ and provides good handling and whole-year traction.
  • The size of ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres comes between 17-22″. The all-season UHP tyres are ideal in snow conditions, while the summer UHP tires give good dry and wet surface grips.
  • All-season truck tyres range from 15-22″ and can withstand heavy loads. These tyres are used in pick-up trucks and SUVs.
  • All-terrain truck tyres are 15-20″ in size and designed for heavy-duty applications. These tyres are best for off-roads or paved roads requiring a lot of traction.
  • Snow or winter tyres vary from 14-22″ in size and provide a good grip on snowy or icy surfaces.
  • Truck winter tyres are used for pick-ups and SUVs with sizes ranging between 15 and 20 inches.

Quality and Affordability

When purchasing tyres online, don’t forget to calculate the value and longevity of your tyres. It can be done by:

  • Calculating the total price of the tyre and dividing that by kilometres of service. It will give you an estimate of the cost per kilometre.
  • Using UTQG ratings while comparing tyres of the same brand and calculating value.
  • Reviewing temperature and traction ratings of tyres of different brands.

The choice of tyre determines the load and speed of the vehicle and the quality of the ride. So, make a wise investment in good quality tyres that will last you long.  Look through the wide range available online and choose one based on the user’s safety and the safety of others on the road.

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