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7 days Trip in Ladakh, A wonderful travel experience

Leh Ladakh Trip 2022

Leh-ladakh, the pride of North India, is one the most lavish and yet least explored territories of India which poses a challenge due to its rough and rugged terrains. But despite its geographical obstacles, Ladakh continues to be one of the most serene and tranquil locations that you will ever experience in your life.

One of the most beautiful things to do is to visit the infamous Pangong Tso lake. Featured in multiple movies, the lake has a perfect and vibrant blue hue and remains frozen for most part of the year. The lake is situated at a height of 5000 metres and a serene bike ride through the mountain valleys and roads is a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

Up on your way, marvel at the pleasant aviary, Himalayan summits and clear skies.

7 days Trip in Ladakh, A wonderful travel experience

Another extraordinary thing to do in your 7 days Ladakh expedition is to discover the vibrant and amusing monasteries best highlighting the beautiful Buddhist culture. One of the most outstanding monasteries is the exquisite Thiksey monastery which houses humongous Buddha relics and murals worth exploring. Enjoy the lush and welcoming ambiance of Ladakh and take home a bucket full of memories.

Biking through the lush valleys

Ladakh brings in a crowd of young and energetic youth who wish to relish upon its serene arid mountains and soulful landscape through the amusing bullet rising experience. Most bikes as well as cycles can be rented at extremely reasonable costs and allows one to enjoy the attractive views of Leh Ladakh at its best. The most visited biking trail in Ladakh is a ride upto the infamous and frozen lake of Pangong Tso.

Relish upon the heavenly Tibet climes, hidden peaks, clear skies and migratory bird species on your way upto the lake situated at an altitude of 5000 metres. You can rent the bike of your choice like royal enfield, and make splendid memories in your Leh Ladakh Trip 2022.

Explore the best monasteries

Ladakh popularly believed in the Buddhist culture for its heavy influence from Tibet and China, and the best of it can be seen in its architectural marvels, the Monasteries. One of the finest monasteries to explore in your Ladakh venture is the Thiksey monastery. Taking influence from the Tibet construction, the monastery and the utter tranquillity that it gives off, is a perfect escape from the usual hustle.

Inside the monastery you can find a myriad of Buddha sculpture and the pristine Maitreya Buddha as well. Another one such monastery is the underrated Hemis monastery. Indulge in a soul-rejuvenating experience and observe spectacular paintings, statues and Stupas best highlighting the engrossing Buddhist culture on the Hindu Land.

Discover the beauty of Zanskar Valley

Ladakh is known for being one of the toughest spots for trekking and camping for its tough terrain and extreme climates, however the ubiquitous beauty of Zanskar valley will definitely convince you for a trekking excursion to truly feel its rich essence. Blessed with frozen lakes, snow cladded and arid Himalayan valleys and mountains ranges, and the peaceful ambiance that it features is unbeatable.

You can also indulge in a variety of adrenaline pumping activities like river rafting by the Zanskar river and trekking on the famous Padum Darcha and Lugnak trails. This picturesque valley also features a plethora of distinct monasteries like Sani monastery, StongDey monastery and Phuktal monastery, with beautiful sculptures, murals and architecture worth exploring.

Drive along the Magnetic Hill

With a sign board saying “The phenomenon that defies gravity”, the splendid magnetic hills remain one of the greatest optical illusions of all time. Located at a drive of 30kms from Leh, the magnetic hill has a strong gravity force that allows vehicles to run over its entire stretch with engines turned off and at a speed of 20 kmph. There are multiple reasons explaining this vivid phenomena, of which one says that this occurs due to magnetic and gravitational force and the other one believes it to be an optical illusion, making the hill road which is actually downslope appear as a steep ascend. With the fabulous Sindhu river flowing on one side, a drive up on the magnetic hill will definitely end up becoming one of the most fantastic and spectacular things you will ever witness.

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