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6 Ways to Keep Hunger Under Control

It’s important to listen to your body’s hunger cues. Often, they’re a sign that you need more energy and nutrients. Sometimes, hunger can strike for other reasons, such as stress, boredom, or physiological changes. No matter what the underlying cause is, if you feel like you’re hungry all the time, it’s likely a sign that you need to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits. These tips can help you feel more satisfied while keeping your urges to snack too much under control.

1. Consume More Beneficial Nutrients

If you feel like you’re always hungry, take a look at your dietary habits. What do most of your meals and snacks consist of? If you find yourself eating a lot of simple carbohydrates and sugars, there’s a good chance you rarely feel satiated. Your body burns these up quickly, leaving you hungry for more in no time. Instead, you need the right balance of lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep your stomach feeling full. These take longer to digest while also giving your body longer-lasting energy sources.

Try to include a little protein, fresh fruits or vegetables, and a complex carbohydrate in most of your meals and snacks to fuel your body with important nutrients that help keep hunger at bay. Many people do not consume enough fiber in particular, so taking a fiber powder is an easy way to supply your body with more of this important substance that supports a healthy digestive system.

2. Bulk Up Your Meals

Counting calories is a healthy practice that can help you avoid overeating. Unfortunately, when you choose foods that are calorie-rich, it limits how much you can eat in a serving, which can leave you feeling hungry. Instead, try to fill your plate with options that give you a little more bang for your buck. Swap your regular pasta for zucchini noodles. If you love to snack on crunchy foods, opt for popcorn instead of chips or oven-roasted chickpeas instead of nuts. When you choose foods that are higher in volume per serving, you’ll likely stave off hunger.

3. Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea

There is something very therapeutic and even powerful about sipping on a hot beverage. It can be a form of self-care that encourages you to relax and savor the moment. It can also be a smart and easy way to keep hunger pangs away. Hot liquids can be quite filling, so enjoy a cup of hot decaf tea, broth, or coffee in between meals to help you feel satisfied.

4. Keep Your Mind and Your Body Busy

Hunger that results from boredom is a real issue and one that requires intentionality to overcome. If you find yourself snacking the most when you’re bored, recognize the times that this typically occurs and plan ahead for an activity instead. Take that time to run an errand, talk with a friend, or get some exercise. Whatever you choose, set yourself up for success to stay busy and you likely won’t notice those false hunger cues urging you to rummage through the kitchen.

5. Savor Your Meals and Snacks

Rushing when you eat or trying to multitask can have drawbacks when it comes to feeling full and satisfied. Too many distractions can occupy you to the point that you miss those signals that tell you you’re full and should stop eating. It also robs you of the experience of savoring your meal or snack, including the flavors, aromas, and textures that help you feel satiated. When you eat, take a break from everything else and enjoy each sip and bite to help keep cravings under control.

6. Hydrate Your Body Consistently

Oftentimes, people mistake feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger. Staying hydrated can help you feel full, without making you reach for food when what you really need is water. The next time you feel extra hungry, drink some extra water first.

It’s important to feed your body well; starving yourself is never a good idea. However, it’s important that you understand why your body is truly hungry so you can give it more of what it needs to stay healthy and satisfied.

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