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Digital Marketing

6 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing

Strong digital marketing is critical to the success of every modern business. Around 71% of small businesses have a website, and nearly 80% of Americans shop online. With numbers like these, it’s clear that digital marketing is a powerful way for businesses to serve their customers. Here are six strategies for boosting your marketing campaigns this year.

Focus on Brand Recognition

Difference and distinction are two different qualities. Every business is different in that they offer unique products or services. On the other hand, distinction is about standing out from that crowd by offering something superior to the rest. People associate Barbie dolls with Mattel because those dolls are high-quality products that kids cherish. Remember that “quality” here means perceived quality, not objective quality. Learning what customers consider “the best” is essential for good market research. Getting them to associate the best with your brand is the goal of any marketing campaign.

Rebuild Your Website

The best way to generate brand awareness is through your website. Having an out-of-date or poorly planned landing page is a massive roadblock. The focus needs to be on user experience (UX). The first step is using a layout that’s easy to navigate. People typically read a website using an “F-pattern,” reading horizontally. That’s the fastest way to lead their eyes to your most important content. Also, consider the value of color psychology. Specific colors tend to generate certain emotions. Black, for example, conveys the idea of stability, blue a sense of calm. Use these psychological hacks to deliver the message of your brand to customers.

Reach Out Across Many Channels

According to Statista, 82% of Americans had a social media presence in 2021. Social media platforms are where engagement happens. Diversity is the big draw; there’s a platform that markets itself to every emerging subculture. Because of this, multichannel and omnichannel approaches to marketing are necessary. Omnichannel marketing is useful since it leverages connectivity. For example, you might advertise a product launch via Instagram Stories while showing a detailed video on the use of the product on YouTube. This means that your target audience and new customers alike are getting an integrated experience with your brand.

Create Content With Customers in Mind

Analytical algorithms can tell you which blog topics and search engine keywords people are looking for. The next step is using that data to create winning content. The key to making content people will love is making it informative and organic. Customers won’t trust your word if every blog post feels like a hard sell. Learn what interests them. As stated above, reach out to them via platforms that resonate with their lifestyles. Make the kind of content that you already know is in high demand. Integrating search engine optimization (SEO) tactics with your blog posts is a great way to augment the reach and impact of your content.

Leverage Digital Tools

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, the internet is full of handy tools you can use to increase the ROI of your digital marketing. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can send personalized emails rapidly while tracking the evolving relationship between your sales teams and prospects. Project management platforms like Basecamp can aid in coordinating those teams, replacing time-wasting in-person meetings. Keep in mind that many useful tools are also free. Google Analytics is one good example. Analytical algorithms can massively streamline both market research and sales forecasts. Shop around for any automated tools that might fit your company’s needs.

Market Globally, Think Locally

We live in a globalized and radically connected world. Since distance isn’t much of a boundary to sales, it’s tempting to cast a wide net in terms of outreach. It’s true that niche marketing is made far more lucrative by social media, but one niche that often gets overlooked is geographical. A study by Hubspot showed that 46% of all Google searches are for local information. Almost three-quarters of customers who did a local search later visited a shop within a five-mile radius. Hometown pride and human connection are driving forces for consumers these days. People are falling back in love with simplicity and authenticity. Market your brand using these ideas.

Digital marketing is the go-to advertisement strategy for businesses in 2022. Use these simple strategies to make the most of your campaigns in the next quarter.

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