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4 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Spending

healthy, rounded meal with cheaper ingredients

The overall cost of just about everything has been on the rise this year. That means that most people’s monthly expenditure has gone through the roof! So, how can you begin to save on your monthly spending with as little an impact on your lifestyle as you can?


Your insurance is a consistent monthly expenditure, with at least home, car, and health insurance coming out of your account, the figures can slowly begin to add up!

It may be time to change plans or providers. This sounds like a long legal process, but it can actually be relatively straightforward. Simply review affordable plans online and pick the best option for you. Make sure it covers your bases and the provider comes well recommended. After you’ve switched, you’ll find that your overall insurance bill could have gone down by as much as 40%!


The cost of food has gone up alongside everything else. Now, your groceries can become a large part of your monthly spending. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. First, you can access what you’re making and consider making a healthy, rounded meal with cheaper ingredients.

The other option is to find your nearest budget superstore and compare the prices to your regular store. You should find a significant difference, and you may be able to buy all of the same things without taking a hit on the bank account.


Gas prices have been hit the hardest with huge rises and falls over the months. The prices often vary station by station, so you’ll likely have already found the cheapest gas station near you.

The best and most reliable way to save on gas money is by using your car less frequently. Check out the public transport routes that could get you to the same places. If you have to drive to work, or you have a weekly trip to the grocery store, then find somebody to carpool with. Not only are you living more sustainably, but you’ll have company and your new passenger will split the cost of the gas for the journey!


You may be surprised how much of the average person’s monthly budget goes towards alcohol or going out. If you’re a young adult then of course it’s understandable that you just want to have fun, but if you’re really trying to save on money then it may be a good idea to cut back.

Many people challenge themselves to a month of sobriety. This works as a personal challenge and test of will power, a health boost by giving your liver a welcome break, and a budgeting dream by instantly saving you a chunk of your monthly outgoings.

Saving money can be hard, and it can require a little extra effort and will power, but it can also be extremely rewarding to set yourself personal challenges, no matter how small they may seem, and watch them add up to save you money over time.

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