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10 Tips to Plan & Study for Online Classes and Save Your Grades

educational app for students

How do you ace an exam?

The sure-shot answer to the question is that you must understand the subject matter well. Once you are well prepared with the topic, you can easily tackle any question asked from it – be it objective, subjective, or even questions that test your ability to apply your knowledge to new scenarios.

Recall the last time you used an online map to reach a destination. You checked for information on how long it would take to get there, how heavy the traffic would be, how much money you would have to spend, and most importantly – the route. Similarly, an educational app for students can help you familiarise yourself with the path to your ultimate destination – a formidable hold on the subject matter.

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Here are tips on how to prepare well for and ace an exam.

Know your syllabus and test format:

If you have a test coming up, your first step is to know what it will cover. Confirm with a friend or a teacher regarding the textbook chapters that will be covered in the test. In terms of maps, you now have a map in your hand and know the neighbourhood.

Next, find out the test’s format. You will need to know how the marks are allotted to questions of various lengths – such as objective type, multiple choice type, essay type etc. Knowing this information is like knowing where traffic is lowest and where you can cover maximum distance. If you have five objective questions which can fetch you ten marks and one essay question for ten marks – be sure to allocate your study time accordingly. Your chances of scoring ten on the former are high but low on the latter.

Break it down into chunks and prioritise:

If you have to travel 50km to your destination, you need to keep aside sufficient time for it; you can’t cover it in one minute. Similarly, don’t push yourself to study the entire syllabus in a short period. You may pass the exam, but you won’t pass with flying colours. Use an educational app for students to help you break down the syllabus into coherent, well-connected topics. It will help you plan backwards from the test date to today and decide how many hours you can allot per day to study the sub-topics.

Some apps categorise topics as “high frequency” – wherein previous tests have asked more questions from that topic than from others. Knowing this information will help you prioritise your schedule when you’re running low on time.

Study actively:

Your class topper did not reach there by passively reading the text or by absent-mindedly copying down notes in class. While studying, ensure that you are actively asking yourself what you have understood. Rephrase what you have read in your own words, explain what you have learned to someone else, or write it down in a few sentences. You can try the Feynman Technique, which is an efficient study strategy to improve your grades.

Be sure to answer all the practice questions at the end of the chapter, and form some more questions of your own. You may also use educational apps for additional, up-to-date practice questions.


Studies show that humans start forgetting a piece of information within 72 hours of learning it. If you have not glanced at a topic in 6 days, the chances are that you won’t be able to recall more than 30% of the information. Most students lose out on marks because they overestimate how much they can remember. Use flashcards, flowcharts, and concept overviews to revise a topic regularly, and don’t neglect any point you thought was easy while studying.

Finally, on the day of your test, reach the venue in time and relax for a while. Get into the right mindframe, and most importantly – do not panic! Trust yourself, know that a test is not the end of the world, and give it your best.

If you take baby steps and make a habit of learning in the manner described above, you are sure to perform well in any test.

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