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You Don’t Want to Be This

If you’ve ever tried to use the word don’t, you’ve probably come across the awkward sounding “don’t be.” Then you realize that the word just means “don’t do that.” In the United States, however, the idiom does not occur in formal writing or speech. However, in many dialects of Southern English, you’ll hear the word used in personal speech.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran doesn’t use a cell phone. The singer hasn’t touched a phone in almost seven years. He says that he wanted to avoid the stress that can come with social media. But he has an e-mail address. Nonetheless, he says that he doesn’t use social media or cell phones.

The Irish singer, who is now married to Cherry Seaborne, started his singing career at age four. While he was still a kid, he was mistaken for being gay. At one point, he kissed Brent Morin on live television. Later, he married his long-time partner, Cherry Seaborne. He was a member of the United Kingdom’s National Youth Theater at fifteen.

The ‘Live Laugh Love’ singer collaborated with Beyonce on “Perfect,” which was released on October 29. Despite mixed reviews, the album has already reached the top of the Billboard 200 and the ARIA Albums Chart. It is Sheeran’s fourth No. 1 record.

Sheeran has been criticized for his success and popularity. Noel Gallagher once said he couldn’t live in a world where Ed Sheeran is headlining Wembley. However, Richard Ashcroft has said that we shouldn’t be criticizing him. Instead, we should celebrate his achievements.

The singer is currently facing a lawsuit over the copyright infringement of his song “Shape of You.” The lawsuit was filed by Sam Chroki, who claimed that the song borrows a chorus from his song. Sam Chroki allegedly sent the song to Sheeran’s circle. Sheeran’s success coincided with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” legal battle with the estate of Marvin Gaye.

Jerome Leiber

The story of “Don’t Be Jerome Leiber” begins in the mid-fifties in Los Angeles. When Leiber and his partner, Paul Stoller, first met, they bonded immediately and immersed themselves in the thriving R&B scene on Central Avenue. Their songwriting was impeccable, displaying a perfect command of black vernacular. One of their songs was “Real Ugly Woman,” first performed by Jimmy Witherspoon. The lyrics were about a woman who is “300 pounds of meat” and “female Frankenstein.”

Leiber died in 2011 and Stoller is preparing to release a new album featuring previously unreleased Leiber and Stoller songs. He spoke to Steve Baltin about the album’s content. “I’ll have some songs by Leiber,” he said. “There will be some new songs, but there will also be some old favorites.”

Leiber and Stoller co-wrote many hits for other artists, including The Drifters and the Coasters. The Coasters were a rock and roll group, and many of their songs came from the duo. Some of the songs they wrote included “Down In Mexico,” “That’s Rock and Roll,” “Shop pin’ For Clothes,” “D.W. Washburn,” and “Riot In Cell Block #9.”

Leiber and Stoller met in Los Angeles in 1950. The two shared a love of blues, boogie-woogie, and other music styles. Their collaboration led to some of the first hits for black artists. “Hound Dog” was one of their biggest hits, recorded by Big Mama Thornton in 1952. The song was also recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956.

Michael Stoller

Don’t be Michael Stoller is a comedy about two writers who share a love of music. They met in the mid-’30s and started writing songs together. The duo’s work has endured the test of time, and their collaboration has resulted in three timeless rock ‘n’ roll classics.

Leiber and Stoller have been honored by numerous organizations, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The duo’s song “Charlotte” was recorded by Steve Tyrell, and it was released in advance of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. In 1995, they were inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The pair have also written the autobiography “Hound Dog: The Leiber and Stoller Autobiography” with David Ritz. Their songs have been managed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Mike Stoller was born in Belle Harbor, Long Island. He grew up in a lower-middle-class family. His father worked as an architectural draftsman without a degree and his mother, Adelyn, was a model. She also played the harp for Liberace and Tony Bennett.

In 1958, Leiber and Stoller appeared on the television panel quiz show “What’s My Line?”. They had not been household names, but the producers were sure that the panel wouldn’t know who they were. After that, they formed Daisy Records and recorded a few songs with Bob Moore and The Temps.

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