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Winter Women’s Shoes Trend: 4 Shoe Types You Should Know About

women’s shoes

Women love shoes; it makes them feel good and powerful. They can be cute and flirty, strong and powerful, or stylish like a fashion model, whatever the situation entails. And they can do it all year long.

But would you agree that winter makes it hard to wear different women’s shoes and become a fashionista, out of all the seasons? The freezing, snowy and slippery ground makes winter a time to wear boots whenever you’re out of the house. It’s like there’s no room for your cute footwear and stylish heels anymore.

Yes, it’s practical and convenient to wear boots all winter long. However, you can also make the snowy surroundings your very own red carpet. So, this year’s trend in winter shoes zeroed in on being stylish yet cosy. And you’ll definitely want to wear these pieces as soon as winter starts:

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  1. Knee-High Boots and Geometric Heels

Boots are probably the most versatile kicks you can wear in winter, and it is true for the icon of the 70s: the knee-high boots. Whether it’s made of leather or suede, you can never go wrong with wearing them out in the cold. It can glam up your simple skirt or trousers outfit and will do wonders for your long coat.

And while the boots themselves are worthy of praise, geometric heels are noteworthy, too. Also, unlike high heels and stilettos, they will give you the stability you need while walking on wet pavements and provide the style that will turn heads your way.

  1. Bedazzled Loafers

Winter definitely needs the fashion factor that loafers have. After all, these shoes never go out of style, whatever the season may be. But now, they’re even more stylish with the touch of luxury that a little embellishment brings.

You can wear these shoes in winter, and you will definitely get the comfort and protection your feet require in freezing weather. But, of course, that’s all on top of the sophisticated style that loafers bring.

  1. Neutral Clogs With Wooden Heels

They may be humble, but the comfort and unique style that clogs have made them an easy solution to complete any look you’re going for. Just slide them on, and you’re ready to face winter. Because of this, clogs are slowly easing their way to being an essential part of every woman’s shoe collection. And now that they come in wooden heels, they give you the cosy vibe that makes you look and feel warm and comfy throughout winter.

  1. Bold Platform Sandals

Simple and stylish: these are the perfect words to describe platform shoes. They give you the height you need to stand out in the coat and boots fashion of winter, but they also turn your simple outfit into something fancy and cute. So, you can choose a bold colour and wear them with tights, and you’ll achieve a unique look that’s worthy of the runway.

Winter is no reason to stick to your winter boots alone. There are so many women’s shoes that can complete your chic winter look and still give you warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. So, don’t let winter bring you down. You can wear anything you want no matter the season; just wear the best pair of shoes that go with it, and you’re good to go.

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