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Why Verification of Document is Significant To Fight Against Identity Theft

Identity Theft

All institutions are worried about the increasing number of fraud cases and are scared of the protection of personal information from customers. This is because the systems are aware and searching for better ways for the verification of the end-users but do not know where to start. For that reason, a document verification solution came into the form for the authentication of fraudulent entities, which helps the organizations proficiently and supports them to protect the sensitive data of legitimate clients. By the year 2022, 80 percent of businesses will be using document verification solution SaaS, and for now, 30 percent of businesses are practicing identity attestation of end-users while onboarding.

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What is Identity Document Verification?

Identity document verification should be performed with concentration if an institution is interested in the security of the sensitive data of the clients. This is a mechanism of verification of scammed, edited, or photoshopped documents of an individual and provides an outcome that determines whether this client is a danger or not for our business. Furthermore, traditional verification is one of the oldest means of identification. For instance, to check that a person is the same as on the documents and not using the identity of another person, a bank teller verification audits the driver’s license and a photo in it of an individual.  But now, all document frauds can be examined digitally by staying at home within the comfort level of a person, and only what a client requires is a driving license, passport, identity card, or any other legal document through the camera of a phone and a selfie. Thus, this regulation includes personal data like the name of a person, his age, and his address in real-time for identification.

Documents That are Needed for Identity Authentication 

Some specific legal documents are used for the attestation of the customer’s individuality given below;

  • Driving license 
  • Identity cards 
  • Passports

What are False Documents? 

Fraudsters use their whole effort in the formation of false documents and utilize them for their own illicit objectives and advantages. Which assists them in destroying the reputation of a business. Those fake documents are such as;

  • Illegitimate documents
  • False documents 
  • Modified documents

Illegal Documents; 

Documents that do not consist of any characteristics of real documents like holograms, rainbow patterns, and are authentic fake, as well as do not follow any other standards that a real document does.

Counterfeit Documents

The documents that are not forged but physically stolen and altered are known as false documents, which helps in dodging an institution.

Modified Documents 

Some documents that are cropped, altered, tampered with, modified, and edited by scammers are the modified documents, helping out the scammers in achieving illicit motives and damaging the reputation of authentic businesses. However, all laws of identity authentication for the verification of, edited, and tampered documents by detecting the fonts and changes in the pixels are supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

AI and Machine Learning for Clients Authentication 

AI-enabled document verification solution is one of the mandatory steps, detecting the fraud documents, which strengthen all systems to distinguish the fake and real documents for the protection of the personal assets and sensitive information of their customers. The checks that are important for detection are given below;

  •  Verification of format
  • Checking the genuineness of the document
  • Checking the crumpled and folded edge of a document
  • Observing the real  MRZ code
  • Detecting the edited, forged, and photoshopped documents
  • Micro prints are being verified
  • Rainbow prints and holograms are checked
  • Verification of specific ink and paper which is used by governments are also performed

Significance of Document Verification Services

There are several benefits of online document verification in all businesses, it is a supportive system for all organizations in checking all forged documents which have been done in the past or are happening currently. Its advantages are reaching high and helping systems in maintaining their standards globally. It accomplishes accurate results in real-time and lessens the risk of fake entities entering an institution while enrolling customers.

In a Nutshell 

Concluding the above-written information, it is clear that all institutions face nuisances like document fraud, which directly reduce the productivity of a system and affect the rankings drastically. For this instance, the process of the verification documents is performed which robustly supports a business in sustaining the security measures of personal information of the end-users.

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