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Why Should You Consider Raw Dog Food?

Why Should You Consider Raw Dog Food?

Raw food diets for dogs are disturbing. However, diets, which highlight raw bones, meat, vegetables, and fruits, are becoming more popular.

Sled dogs and greyhounds have long used raw dog food. Extending the same feeding techniques to the house pet, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept, first proposed by Australian vet Ian Billinghurst in 1993. His feeding recommendations were called the BARF diet, which stands for Bones and Raw Food.

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Adult dogs, according to Billinghurst, would flourish on a natural diet depending on what dogs ate before domestication. These are raw meats, bones, and vegetables. Below are the reasons why raw food is considered a great diet for dogs.

Raw food is easily digested

Raw diets are the best option for your canine. Dogs, like people, absorb nutrients more efficiently from natural foods than synthetic supplements, which are frequently put in canned food and kibbles that are being marketed.

A diet low in carbs and sweets and high in protein is ideal for dogs. In addition, raw food recipes are free of preservatives, additives, and fillers, making it difficult for the dog to digest.

Healthy coat and skin

The skin of your dog is its largest organ. Once the dog’s body receives the vitamins and nutrients it requires, it is visible throughout its skin. Therefore, the nutrients in raw diets are more accessible for dogs to absorb than those in commercially available diets, enabling organs to better absorb nutrients more effectively.

Raw food also has active enzymes that aid in digestion and absorption. Without such enzymes, dogs have a more difficult time absorbing carbs, protein, and fats. In addition, it can cause dry skin, dandruff, and the development of coarse or thin fur. You will observe the change in your dog’s coat, skin, and how little they shed after switching to raw.

Less odour

When dogs eat foods rich in fillers and additives, it might result in some unpleasant ‘odour.’ Due to the obvious advantages to their skin and hair, the skin generates less odour-filled oils. A raw diet is also excellent for your dog’s digestive system, typically reducing overall doggy flatulence.

Fewer feces to shovel

Today’s pet food contains mainly grains, corn, peas, and some ingredients which you will not find in a dog’s traditional diet. Unfortunately, those ingredients are more difficult for your dog to digest, resulting in greater waste.

A raw dog food includes meat, organ systems, and bone – all of which a dog was designed to digest. The contents in a raw diet may be quickly digested and utilised as fuel, resulting in minimal waste. The feces will also get harder, chalky, and disintegrate faster after a few days.

Weight management

Are you aware that up to 50% of dogs become overweight? Raw diets are an all-natural method to help your dog lose weight and enhance its general health. Raw food, unlike kibble, does not include extra carbs or sugars that might be difficult for your dog to burn down.

Natural teeth cleaning

The excessive sugar content level of commercially made dog food provides an excellent habitat for hazardous germs to increase, resulting in various dental disorders in dogs. Canned foods and kibbles can also become stuck in the dog’s teeth, resulting in tartar, plaque, and poor breath.

A raw diet is less prone to cling to teeth, which aids in the health of your dog’s mouth. The raw diet also includes naturally existing enzymes that help to maintain oral health.

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