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Top 10 Scholarships for School Students Planning to Study Abroad

school admission in Dubai

Planning to get school admission in Dubai will open up very many opportunities for the students, but the financial spectrum could otherwise be. However, on the other hand, there are various scholarships liberally offered to those planning to go abroad for studies. In this article, we’ll look into the top 10 scholarships for school students aiming to pursue their education overseas. Be it looking for the nursery in Dubai or contemplating the higher education opportunity in foreign lands, the scholarships provide you with a way to walk through your academic dream aisles without bothering your pocket. Further details of these scholarships and aids will be looked into here, so that you will be well-encouraged to start this journey towards your educational aim with all the might and financial assistance that is required for it.

Top 10 Scholarships for School Students Planning to Study Abroad

Fulbright Scholarship

At such universities, scholarship programs cover all expenses—from tuition fees to living expenses—and allow students to gain studies from the United States.

Chevening Scholarship

This scholarship is open to applicants from anywhere in the world who have obtained or are close to completing their first degree and would like to pursue their master’s study in the UK, while gaining financial

Erasmus+ Programme

This program is part of the European Union initiative that offers full scholarships covering tuition fees and living allowances for students to study in its partner universities across Europe.

Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship is a totally funded opportunity given to Commonwealth countries by the UK government, comprising the tuition fee, living expenses, and round-trip air tickets for the student.

Rhodes Scholarship

A fully funded scholarship offered at the University of Oxford, this means full scholarships are given to excellent students who wish to read for postgraduate studies at one of the best universities in the world.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The scholarship, fully funded, is under the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is to be taken at the University of Cambridge by international students who are of high calibre and wish to pursue postgraduate study.

DAAD Scholarship

The scholarship is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service and provides stipends to foreign students who would like to study in Germany. The stipends cater for tuition, cost of living, and even travelling.

Australian Awards Scholarship

An Australian government scholarship for undergraduates and postgraduates from developing countries who would like to pursue further studies at the higher education level in Australia.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship is a French government scholarship to foreign students for a master’s and doctorate course from a French university or institute, which pays for tuition, living expenses during the course, etc.

Rotary Foundation Global Grant

Such a scholarship is supported by the Rotary Foundation and awards graduates who carry out their studies with the respective educational institutions of any country throughout the world, while at the same time helping with their academic and humanitarian help. 

Specific Scholarships for Dubai Students 

Besides, there also lies the scholarship to students from all over the world. Various schools and academic institutions of Dubai offer scholarships and financial assistance to the deserved students at a very vast level of academics and discipline. Applying for Scholarships Please take a look at all the eligibility requirements and deadlines for the application very thoroughly. Get ready a fine application indicating your academic achievements, all relevant details regarding extracurriculars and club activities, and other community involvements so that your chances of winning can be maximised. 


This scholarship is known to make accessible international education for students from diverse backgrounds. Explains, while diligently exploring the scholarship opportunities and applying, the students of preschool in Dubai can make the dream of studying abroad come true and earn experiences that add immense value to their lives.

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