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The Importance Of Compostable Packaging And What It Is

compostable mailers

Have you been searching for environmentally friendly packaging for your company? Compostable packaging is a beautiful, sustainable swap to replace plastic, whether you’re an eco-business looking to boost sustainable business practices like compostable mailers or a corporation transitioning to a more environmentally aware business model. Read on to learn about the meaning of biodegradable packaging, its uses, and its significance.

Organic Waste Compostable Containers

Sustainable and environmentally friendly, compostable packaging may be broken down at home or in a commercial composting operation. The compostable maize starch and a plastic known as poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) are used in its construction. For packaging to decompose and biodegrade into natural, non-toxic materials that feed the soil more quickly, PBAT generates a robust yet flexible material. In contrast to plastic, certified compostable packaging biodegrades in three to six months, much like food waste. It doesn’t add to landfills or seas where it would sit for centuries before breaking down. Compostable packaging breaks down before your eyes, or your consumer’s eyes, in properly composted environments.

In contrast to a compost site, composting at home is straightforward. All you need is a compost container and some organic waste to start a compost pile. To hasten decomposition, turn the compost pile occasionally. Within a few months, you may count on the materials to have degraded. It is an extra immersive brand journey that you and your consumers may take. Compostable packaging, like standard plastic poly mailers, is sturdy, waterproof, and resilient against weather fluctuations. For this reason, this plastic-free option is a significant step toward preserving your planet. The same applies to biodegradable food packaging.

Liberation From Plastic Prisons

Businesses and customers both have a responsibility to help reduce the environmental damage caused by the proliferation of plastic packaging from online shopping. In the third quarter of 2020, Amazon’s net sales were recorded at $96.1 billion, a 37 per cent rise over the third quarter of 2019. Since plastic packing and the bubble wrap that comes with each shipment are the primary materials for transportation, this upset environmentalists.

Here is where the use of biodegradable materials becomes essential and helpful in implementing eco-friendly corporate procedures. The plastic crisis may be solved, or at least mitigated, if people switch to more environmentally friendly packaging options such as biodegradable materials. Search for packaging companies like RXC Co that offer custom eco-friendly solutions, so, on the one hand, you help the environment, and, on the other hand, represent your business in the best way possible. You may be able to build a new, sustainable mode of shipping if more companies started providing this plastic shipping option and more customers started patronising businesses that used it. You may encourage competition in your field to use biodegradable packaging by doing so yourself.

Sustainable Packaging Is Becoming Important To Consumers

Consumers are concerned about environmental impact and are prepared to pay more for items packaged in sustainable materials. Consumers are prepared to spend more for green. They would also purchase extra sustainably packaged items if more of them were accessible and properly labelled. Consumers are becoming more aware of the expanding plastic issue, as seen by this trend. Your company may help save the world and provide customers with more environmentally friendly options by moving to biodegradable packaging.


It’s already a tremendous start in the right direction to think about moving to environmentally friendly packaging, so arm yourselves with the knowledge you need to make the best choice. The capabilities and requirements of your company should guide your decision of a sustainable packaging solution like compostable mailers. It helps to have some knowledge of biodegradable packaging and a systematic approach to getting started.

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