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Stop Worrying About Lagging Forex Indicators (They Work!)

Lagging indicators are technical indicators that either tell traders what could occur in the financial markets or give information on what has already happened. Lagging refers to whether the indicator moves before another metric, like price action.

Lagging indicators work. So, you don’t have to worry about that. They are helpful and might give traders the essential information they want to make sound trading decisions.

This article will give you thorough information about lagging indicators, the pros and cons of using one, and the types of lagging indicators ( available out there.

What Exactly Is A Lagging Indicator?

Many technical indicators are lagging because they look at historical information and do not suggest which way the value will go next. On the other hand, lagging indicators can lead price in a number of contexts, like divergence.

Divergence happens if the price makes a new high over a prior swing high; however, the indicator doesn’t, or the value creates a new low under a previous swing low; however, the indicator doesn’t. This is a leading sign that the movement of the price might be slowing down, and the market trend is close to reversing.

Lagging indicators are likely to move behind the value, and it offers delayed feedback to forex traders. One example of lagging indicators is the moving average. Once the price goes down and returns, the moving average might keep going high after the value does.

Lagging indicators work and are still valuable as they can make the price movement easier and show forex traders where the price has been. This might influence or improve their understanding of where the price might go next.  So, we can’t say which kind of indicator is best. You can use this tool to assist you in making sound decisions.

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The Perks of Using Lagging Indicators: What Are They?

There are a lot of perks of utilizing lagging indicators that are often ignored, especially by first-time traders out there. Here are some of the perks that will help forex traders in determining when to use or implement these lagging indicators such as:

  • The lagging factor of indicators will get forex traders into trades that have great confirmation behind them because they are more based on data. In short, the indicators will pressure forex traders to wait a little bit prior to entering.
  • Lagging indicators work well even in strong trending forex markets
  • It also identified entry and exit points.

Are There Any Flaws in Using Lagging Indicators?

Lagging indicators will tell you more about what has occurred, with some examples being revenue growth and revenue profit. Usually, they are easy and simple to figure out, compare and measure against elsewhere in the industry, which makes these lagging indicators extremely valuable.

But, lagging indicators have minor flaws like giving too late insights to carry out anything about it.

When you discover that half your clients have blemished to the competition, it is too late to avoid them. However, this flaw is outweighed by the many benefits offered by lagging indicators.

Some Good Types of Lagging Indicators

Here are some of the best kinds or examples of lagging indicators that you can give a try in your foreign exchange trading:

Simple Moving Average or SMA

This is regarded as one of the best lagging indicators as the average follows the price that has a delay. When the price goes down and then returns higher, this indicator could begin moving higher after the value does.

The longer the moving average, the more time in its computation or estimate, and less often, the price will return to the moving average. If the moving average is shorter, the price will more frequently return to the moving average.

Bollinger Bands

Like the SMA, this kind of lagging indicator is inherently lagging as this is just reacted after the movement of the price. On the other hand, this kind of indicator comes with a moving average as well as outer bands, which can serve as a leading indicator because they assist in determining areas where the value might reverse or stall.


Some foreign exchange traders choose a mixture of leading and lagging technical indicators when developing a trading technique. There are also many traders who just choose or opt to lead, while some decide on lagging indicators. Pure price action forex traders choose not to utilize indicators at all and what they do is to concentrate on analyzing the price graph manually.

It’s not much how these indicators are classified (lagging or leading) that matters; instead, how these indicators are utilized as well as interpreted by the person. Lagging indicators work and have their applications and tell forex traders something about the movement of the price. Lagging is not superior to leading, and leading is not superior to lagging as well. When utilizing this kind of indicator or trading technique, it’s vital to integrate risk controls on every trade in which the price is not more than anticipated.

In general, lagging indicators are a remarkable and amazing tool to use if trading in forex markets. They are very flexible and versatile in what they give that can improve a trading technique or give extra support to traders’ analysis. Lagging indicators are an amazing and useful tool to know and potentially include in each forex trader’s repertoire. So, you don’t have to worry about lagging indicators as they work.

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