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Steven Universe Movie Torrent

Steven Universe Movie Torrent


2 years have actually passed since Steven Cosmos fixed the continuous conflict in between Earth and the Diamonds and also brought peace to the galaxy, seemingly allowing Steven and also the Crystal Treasures to live gladly ever before after. Nonetheless, Steven’s past returns to haunt him in the shape of a mysterious Treasure hellbent on ruining him and also whatever he loves, including the Earth itself. Steven must currently face the repercussions of Pink Diamond’s activities, conserve the Earth and, once again, go on a course of self discovery and also modification to really make his happily ever before after.


After an introduction from the Diamonds telling the tale of Steven, and exactly how he established an era of tranquility for all Treasures, White Diamond announces to all Treasures in the entire universe that Steven Universe (now 16 years of ages) is ultimately all set to meet his mother’s function as a brand-new leader: a hybrid Gem monarch of the Great Ruby Authority to take his rightful position on his mommy’s throne. So Steven greets the people of the Gem Homeworld and also other swarms via a broadcast, announcing that he already has a rightful place: Planet where he copes with his friends. As he’s done taking apart the empire as well as saving every one of the worlds, he can’t wait to go back residence and spend time with his good friends. Nonetheless, after the broadcast, the Diamonds convince him to remain to fulfill Pink Diamond’s duty as a leader, but he kindly declines the deal. Back on Earth, Connie welcomes Steven back and asked what took him so long. Steven felt so exhausted as well as self-conscious that the Diamonds wanted him to rule deep space 24/7 and also considering that Connie kissed him on his cheek as he had a crush on her as well as sees her off to space camp. Steven accepts the serene life he’s living, as well as Pearl, Garnet, as well as Amethyst, all commemorating their newfound “Gladly ever after”.

Almost instantly afterward, a huge drill lands on the hillside of Beach City, and Spinel, a mad, cartoonish Treasure, shows up, introducing her intent to kill Steven and the rest of the life in the world. Using a scythe-like weapon, she poofs Pearl, Garnet, and also Purple. She plans to do the exact same to Steven, but his body continues to be unharmed. Understanding that he does not poof as conveniently as various other gems do, Spinel buffoons Steven saying that his human half will not endure her injector, right prior to Steven snatches her scythe and also poofs her. Worn out, Steven attempts to bubble Spinel however stops working in the process. He notifications that his gem is not working appropriately.

Steven Universe Movie Torrent 

Back at the beach residence, Steven calls his papa, Greg, for aid; he is just as surprised as well as overwhelmed as Steven is. Greg is specific, nevertheless, that immediately, the Treasures will soon restore. His forecast was right, as the Treasures did regrow their bodies (consisting of Ruby and also Sapphire independently), but got their primary garments from their first developments. Additionally, their memories have actually been eliminated; with Pearl presuming that she is Greg’s slave. Even Spinel regrows but continues to be a wacky as well as lighthearted Gem whose single purpose is to delight her “best friend” (Steven). Steven and also Spinel take Ruby as well as Sapphire to inquire from Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, as well as Bismuth.

Bismuth determines Spinel’s scythe as a “Rejuvenator”, a tool that can reset the mind of a Treasure back to when they were first produced. Steven as a result of his nature as a human gem crossbreed doesn’t poof, however he is discouraged from the loss of his powers from his gem fifty percent taking the hit, making him seem like he went right back to the start of fighting with his powers. The 3 of them urge Steven not to quit. Spinel contrasts the scenario to a challenge, recommending that they find the Treasures’ “missing out on pieces” to recover their memories, motivating Steven to attempt to reenact Ruby and also Sapphire’s first combination. Steven thinks of a dangerous scenario that would certainly trigger Ruby to save Sapphire from getting hurt, but also while attempting to reenact that kind of situation, he can not bring himself to hurt them. Spinel’s antics trigger scaffolding to collapse, almost crushing Ruby, who has no regrets of obtaining smashed within a day; until Sapphire pushes her to safety, both fuse right into Garnet, however concerns every little thing, showing she still has no memory of her life.

After locating Purple, Steven attempts to reenact the exact same experiences the two had with each other. Successfully, Steven recuperates Amethyst’s memory. Peridot finds that the drill is infusing a harmful chemical that will kill all natural life on Earth. They then concern the conclusion that Spinel would certainly be the just one who understands how to get rid of the Injector, so they require to bring her memories back. Steven remembers back when Spinel struck them, Pearl appeared to know who she was. In order to revitalize Pearl’s memory, the team takes her to a Sadie Killer as well as the Suspects concert, in the hope their songs will certainly restore her memories of disobedience, yet Pearl says that as long as Greg exists she will follow him. Steven uses what little energy he has left to fuse with Greg, which allows Pearl to recuperate her memory. Though it was a success, Steven is shown to be weaker than previously and sees Spinel, that relapses with despair flees. Pearl rushes to his aid and notifies Steven that Spinel was once Pink Ruby’s playmate in her garden which she hasn’t seen her for 6,000 years. Steven attempts to reach Spinel while riding Lion.

After sending Lion to retrieve Connie from room camp, Steven finds Spinel crying at his conservatory in his home. She described that she began experiencing acquainted feelings, which Steven is aiming for. He asks her if she bears in mind Pink’s Garden. She grins briefly yet then activates the Warp Pad in irritation. Spinel takes Steven to a desolate garden in space and also discloses her backstory: she was Pink Diamond’s playmate until the other Diamonds gave Pink her very own nest. She aspired to head to Earth with her, but Pink told Spinel to await her in the yard as if it were a game they were playing. Stalling in the garden for 6,000 years, Spinel found out that Period 3 has actually begun as well as Pink Diamond’s fate through Steven’s broadcast (from the start of the motion picture.) Bearing in mind Pink’s dishonesty, Spinel regains her memories, and reforms back to the psychopathic variation she was seen earlier. Steven comprehends whatever now and then informs her that she isn’t the just one Pink pain. He informs Spinel that she should, and also will at some point, discover a better pal that will not harm her. At that moment, she thinks she discovered the close friend she was trying to find.

Back in Coastline City, Spinel switches off the drill, however when Steven begins changing his attention back to every person else as well as focuses on how to eliminate the harmful chemical from Earth, she charges him of just using her and then abandoning her (like Pink did) or planning to clean her memory again after discovering that he maintained the Rejuvenator with him (but in truth, had no place else to put it). Paranoid, she turns the drill back on as well as assaults Steven. As he tries to clarify the truth to her and damages the Rejuvenator, Garnet recovers her memory. Steven sends out the others out to rescue the humans of Beach City while he confronts Spinel alone. Declining to pay attention, Spinel punches Steven (getting a bloody nose in the procedure) and also shares her rage by almost going down Steven off of her injector. Not comprehending why his powers aren’t functioning, Spinel buffoons Steven as to how he used to save the entire cosmos. Nonetheless, Steven finally realizes why his Treasure powers have not yet returned: his desire for an unvarying “gladly ever after” has actually left him resistant to the extremely concept of development and change, which he needs to re-experience. Embracing this fact, he restores his powers as well as battles Spinel. Still persisting, and also fed up with his singing, Spinel punches Steven appropriate in the direction of the top of the injector. Spinel vents out her craze on him also additionally, however after that understands that contrasted to Pink, Steven liked her far better than she ever did, and also involves the verdict that injuring Steven will certainly not make her feel better, as well as relents.

The injector starts to explode, but Steven and Spinel are unharmed (thanks to his bubble). Steven is given the idea to use his recovery powers to bring back the planet’s community, just by a small portion. After Spinel excuses the mess, the Diamonds all of a sudden get here and state their intention to survive Earth with Steven, prior to they notice the planet’s condition. Suddenly, he introduces Spinel to them as well as they take an instant liking to her and also her goofy character. The Diamonds approve her in place of Steven as well as she happily chooses them, currently with people that will enjoy her unconditionally. Steven as well as his friends gather to reconstruct Coastline City, many thanks partially to Steven’s recovery powers undoing the damages of the poisonous substance (and also the ocean begins to liquify the poisonous substance), as well as after the town has been restored they’re having a dinner party. Steven, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Connie, and Greg perform the Broadway-style tune, “Finale”.

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