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Schoolies: Catchup on the Perfect Graduation Trip!

Schoolies in 2022

A rite of passage for many thousands of Year twelve students in Australia, Schoolies Week (also known as Schoolies) involves celebrating the completion of their final year examinations for a week. Schoolies actually began on the Gold Coast in the 1970s, although only single-sex private schools took part. New school leavers now come from all across Australia, and even from other countries, to partake in this annual graduation celebration. Prepare yourself, learn a few road tricks, and use common sense to keep yourself safe at Schoolies in 2022.

As freeing and wonderful as Schoolies may be, for some, when a lot of 17- and 18-year-olds with no obligations come together, things can get a bit chaotic. In addition, the number of people who view Schoolies as a way to take advantage of the impressionable and impressionable young revellers (and their parents) worries school-leavers (and their parents). But don’t be alarmed, everything will be okay! There’s some good news here.

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What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Due to the event’s increasing popularity, several locations now cater specifically to school leavers between late November and early December. Schoolies have traditionally meant a vacation to the tropical Gold Coast for students on the East Coast of Australia. To celebrate the completion of examinations, some students go as far as Europe. However, a location closer to home is a more affordable and practical choice for many financially challenged students.

Factors To Take Into Account

The Art Of Destination Selection

Your location, money, and the kind of experience you want to get out of Schoolies will all influence where you go. Byron Bay, which is located in northern New South Wales or Lorne on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road are also excellent choices for a more laid-back vacation with your pals. Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is the place to go for a jam-packed week of partying. Students in Western Australia may save money by staying on Rottnest Island or flying to Bali at a reasonable price from Perth.


Finding a Place to Stay

When making your hotel reservations, do your research. A little forethought goes a long way. Make sure you book with a reputable company and conduct some research on your intended location to avoid being stranded hundreds of miles from home. Places fill up fast, so plan and make a reservation.


If you’re planning a trip out of state or abroad, book your flights early since costs may skyrocket if you wait until the last minute. Your excitement for Schoolies will likely keep you from missing your departing flight, but returning home will be another matter. Travelling on a budget means leaving late at night or very early in the morning. So, apply common sense and plan your fun around your travel plans. Your fun should suit your travel plans. And if your flight is cancelled, check with your travel insurance company to see if you may get a refund (please note general exclusions apply).

Travel protection

There’s no question about it. Even if you’re travelling inside the country, a slew of things may go wrong. Purchase travel insurance from a reputable company and read the product disclosure statement to inform any potential general exclusions. If you require coverage for any pre-existing medical problems, be sure to tell your provider.

Having a Fun Time While Staying Safe

Schoolies in 2022 are going to be filled with this. There’s a lot. Have a good time, but be wise about it. You don’t want your night out to end up in the hospital, prison, or with a third-degree sunburn because you didn’t plan. There are many options. If you have consumed alcohol or medicines that have not been prescribed to you by your healthcare provider, you will not be covered under your travel insurance policy in the case of an accident.

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