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Preparing for a black out. Tips and advice

portable generator

A sad truth is that depending on where you live, you will likely face a blackout at one point or another. Some are just brief, but some can last for many days. You may get a warning before one strike but more than likely you will not, so it pays to be prepared. A strong wind or a silly animal can take out your power lines, so it is important that you are prepared. Regardless of whether you know when one is coming, here is a little advice on how you can prepare for one.

Storing your power

You will be surprised at what stops working when you experience a power outage. Gas stations power their pumps with electricity and so it can always be useful to have a backup supply of diesel or fuel. You may also want to think about some kind of power source for your home. It is well worth having a charged portable generator so that you can charge your electronic devices and allow you to cook some food without dining out every night.

Emergency prepared kits

You don’t want to be struck with a power outage and to be running around a home in the dark looking for silly things like a torch. It is worth having a kit set up in a place where everybody knows so that it is accessible should you need it. It should include things like a basic first-aid kit, a torch, a tool kit, and basic cleaning items like baby wipes, shampoo, and sanitizer. Don’t forget to make sure it is easily accessible. It is no good if you have a great kit prepared but it has been lost in your clutter.

Water supply

It is unlikely that a simple blackout will affect your water supply, but it can happen. You should make sure to stock up on water if you are about to experience a storm that you think will affect your power. It is recommended that you have 12 gallons of water for a family of four for three days. However, you also need to think about water for cooking, cleaning, and hygiene. You really don’t want to experience a long-lasting blackout without access to water either to drink or to wash in. It will feel like a long time.

Non-perishable Foods

It is not surprising that when a storm is announced everyone runs out and buys everything canned to stock up on the upcoming disaster. In order to beat this rush, you need to be well prepared. Buy these when there is no warning of a disaster. Make sure to buy a mix of meals from savory and sweet. Comfort food will get you through a disaster when it comes to it.


They are no fun, but they do happen. Make sure that you are prepared. There is a lot to consider when a storm is coming so think about what you need and make a list. It will help you in the eye of the storm.

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