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Pacific Union Review: Is Pacific Union Trustworthy

It is untrustworthy and has shown little regard for its customers.

The issue was that I used this real estate agent through an auto copier suggested by a group on Snapchat and telegram called 3arabCash, and on the first day after trading, which also occurred to be the last day, the 3arabCash provider did not reply to me on any social media page to inform me about the time to open the commands on mt5, and even the auto copier didn’t send me an alert about the initiation of the commands. If you are interested to invest in a trading platform firstly you choose the best Dubai forex brokers to get informational tips.

I was expecting the provider to close the commands and take profits as they claim or to place a stop-loss order, but what occurred was that the orders were held open on mt5 until the entire funds were lost, and I was shocked when I opened my mt5 to see the revenue but instead saw the balance in the bad, and I opened my mail to find out that the Prime broker sent me messages about my total balance loss, and these messages were in the Junk folder of my yahoo mail

” which means they sent closing orders to the broker but the broker did not immediately respond, and when I contacted the real estate agent, they said it was not their fault even though they did not receive any closure orders, and no one of them giving a clear elaboration and they just faulting each other and putting the blame on each other, and 3arabCash, the main source of this spam emails, does not respond to me or the other victims on their social media pages and they prevent me from contacting them.

So guys, be careful where you transfer your money, and with Prime, if you deposit without accomplishing your profile confirmation, you will not be able to withdraw your equity, so be cautious of these types of buying and selling, Puprime may be reliable, but they don’t show a huge responsibility to their clients, and they will keep sending you emails with clues and items about your orders, which makes no sense, that’s all, and now we’re still trying to think of a solution, that’s

Features Not Included

Pacific Union review a variety of analytics software and educational content, which delighted our reviewers. This includes the daily latest news, market studies, and instrument advanced analytics. In addition, market research can be found in new video posts.

The teaching is diverse; themes are geared at novices, while advanced articles are offered for those with more experience. Trading psychology, risk assessment, a market introduction, and indication understanding are among the topics covered. Supporting video information is also available, as well as visual lessons on serious matters.

It’s also encouraging to see that online webinar given by industry experts are available, as well as a variety of handy resources like a financial calendar, calculator, and keyword dictionary.

Accounts that are currently active

Standard and Prime are the two types of internet trading accounts provided by the Pacific Union review. Both provide numerous base currencies, access to all commodities, order execution without the use of a trading desk, and maximum leverage. It is also possible to open a Cent bank. These are perfect for first-time traders who want to start small. Forex is one of the best Dubai forex brokers to invest in all offers.

The following are the account kinds’ specifics:


There will be no commission.

Call with a 120 percent profit margin

Hedging is possible.

Spreads start at 1.3 pips.

Leverage of up to 1:500 is achievable.

The maximum order quantity is 0.01 lots.

A $50 or comparable currency deposit is required.


Opening a live account with Western Union is simple and quick. Users must fill out an online enrollment form and submit identity confirmation documents, such as proof of address, to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

An Islamic accounting equation is also available through PU. This swap-free edition can be upgraded from a live account with the brokerage’s permission. For open position account management, there are maintenance fees.


Hours of Trading

Monday through Friday, the firm operates on a 24-hour trading schedule, however, this differs by commodity. Please take note of Pacific Union’s server timings.

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