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Key Tips To Settle Into Your Rented Apartment In Bangalore

Rented Apartment In Bangalore

You are excited to explore the new beginnings in a new city like Bangalore. And after days of hectic research for the apartments for rent in Bangalore, finally, you have got the one suiting your needs. But let us tell you that moving to a newly rented apartment in a new city can be both a joyous and stressful experience. Although moving to a new place provides you a fresh opportunity to set yourself up for a comfortable life, you have to undergo various activities to settle in your new apartment. Here in this guide, we have listed some key tips helping you to easily settle in your rented apartment.

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  • Inspect the property: Before you start unpacking, it is essential to take a tour of the rented apartment with a camera in your hand. Just take the pictures of any pre-existing damages to avoid paying for them in the future. These pictures will act as proof and don’t forget to submit them to your landlord. In case there is damage that needs immediate repairing inform about the same to the landlord for your rented apartment to be liveable.
  • Review the utilities and safety features: in case there are no utilities in the rental agreement then you will have to figure out them as soon as you shift into the rented apartment. If you are not aware of the utility providers in Bangalore, then you can ask your landlord about the same. You will have to contact the utility provider and pay for the setup fee if it’s the first time you are getting the utilities connected in your own name. Also, don’t forget to check the safety features of the apartment. Check if there is a need to change the lock of the outside door or if the smoke detectors are working.
  • Clean the property before unpacking: Although your landlord might have to get your apartment cleaned beforehand, if you are a cleanliness freak then it’s better to get the property clean before unpacking the boxes. Go for the main areas first including bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It can be difficult to scrub everything after organizing the furniture. Therefore, do all cleaning before you start organizing your apartment.
  • Move the stuff into their respective rooms: After arriving at your rented apartment, you may be tempted to leave the boxes full of your belongings and bulky furniture in the front room or living room and think of dealing with it later. But it is much better to unload your stuff from the moving truck directly into their respective rooms making it easier to unpack and organize the stuff later. You need not undergo much physical moving and can set your home without much effort.
  • Deal with the boxes on priority: It is not essential to unpack everything on the first day after moving to the rented apartment. You need to sort out your priorities. Just set your bed so that so can rest peacefully at night. In case you are moving with your family and have kids then help them to unpack their favorite toys and books. Also, set up their room. After that look for the essential items such as toiletries, medicines, chargers, bedsheets, and bathroom and kitchen items.
  • Work your way into living space: Now that you are done with unpacking the essential items it is time to turn your eye towards the living and dining space. Just arrange your furniture and décor items. It’s not important to organize the living room and dining room at once. You can take your time and organize these rooms bit by bit according to your convenience.
  • Figure out the payment mode of the bills: You must figure out the mode of payment accepted by your landlord. There can be a possibility that you forget to pay the monthly rentals to your landlord which can be really embarrassing. In case your landlord is fine with the online payments then you can sign up for an account for paying the monthly rentals automatically. But if your landlord agrees with the traditional mode of payment i.e., in-hand delivery of the check, then you can set a reminder in your phone to pay rentals on time.
  • Explore the neighbourhood: Now that you are done with setting up your rented apartment it’s time to make yourself aware of your new neighbours and surroundings. Familiarize yourself with your new neighbours, explore the neighbourhood, and subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Check what facilities are offered nearby the apartment such as grocery stores, hospitals, health centres, schools, restraints, shopping complex, and many other amenities you think you will need to access in the future.

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