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John Eric DeTitta- Creating Opportunities in the Face of Adversities

Turbulence is a life force. It is an opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.”

— Ramsey Clark

The world, indeed, is not a bed of roses. Everyone faces a lot of issues in this fast-paced world while they are striving to be successful. Different fields present various difficulties and obstacles in the way of individuals passionately willing to achieve successful milestones. All you have to do is skillfully deal with those obstacles without letting them extinguish the spark of success within you; however, this is easier said than done. Many people just let go of their dreams, considering such difficulties as insurmountable. Their inability to fathom that their success lies at the end of the tunnel after passing the dark path all alone lowers their morale, ultimately leading to their failure.

You have to tread the path of success while moving an inch and removing every thorn that is present all the way. Success becomes charmless if you do not face the hurdles on the way. However, many people do not realize that problems are meant to be solved with a positive mind and are considered normal for accomplishing any goal. On the other hand, there are some individuals who transform boisterous adversities into rhythmic opportunities. Such individuals are not only courageous to carve a way for themselves through all the issues but also end up creating opportunities and innovations for other people.

These opportunities and innovative approaches facilitate others and create ease for them. One such individual who has not only sailed his boat through turbulent waters but also created pathways for others to follow is John Eric DeTitta. Despite being under the influence of critical personal challenges, he continued to shine in different fields and narrated his personal experiences while dealing with this disorder in the script Manic Ride.

DeTitta has written multiple movies and web shows. He wrote a 150-page screenplay recording his entrepreneurship journey. He had to struggle a lot to get funding from producers and succeeded in getting it but eventually had to leave the project due to family commitments. The same script was re-written by another screenwriter, and the film was highly successful at the international box office and received Academy Awards with critical acclaim. Recognizing the struggle of artists, authors, musicians, and screenwriters to have control of their creative destinies without relying on financial contributions, he invented and patented a method of funding for creative projects. In 2004, he filed a provisional patent for this method.

DeTitta is an entrepreneur and has patented multiple software programs, applications, and software programs. He established, a platform through which he leads an organization of 500 individual and corporate partners. The platform aids in leveraging the time of funding parties to support deserving artists. In 2002, he filed his first patent for extending a hand of support to other artists with a funding method.

DeTitta understands the struggles of artists in the entertainment realm and filled another crowdfunding patent for his distinctive method of Time funding. The aim of this patent was to enable the fans to keep funds to themselves and allow the advertisers to pay for artists’ projects. He has filed three other patents, namely, Sharing advertising revenue, Targeted content and rewards, and Digital communications at the point of sale. He acquired all of these patents in order to generate methods that could aid in creating funding opportunities for artists.

DeTitta can be regarded as a man of multiple talents, as he is not only a screenwriter and entrepreneur but a musician as well. He has excelled in all fields in which he has stepped in. He is an outstanding piano player, composer, and music writer. He has written songs for Grammy-winning songwriters. One of his albums, Keep on Walking, featured Grammy-winning singer Ms. Monet. His other albums include Set Love Free, Runaway, Power, and Love Letter.

Nobody could have thought that a person battling multiple challenges at a time could so beautifully transform his life and make it meaningful. His artistic endeavors informed him about multiple issues faced by artists in the industry, and he embarked on a journey to resolve these problems for them. Only a few people are courageous enough to battle their problems while creating ease and opportunities for others.

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