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JEE Mains: How To Clear the exam in one attempt-

JEE Main 2021 Question Paper 24 February Morning

The most important examination in India for a student aiming to become an engineer is JEE Mains.  Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by NTA to get admissions in government engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs is considered; one of the toughest examinations in India.  Because of its high difficulty level and high competition, it is normally conducted twice a year but because of COVID-19, it is being conducted four times in 2021 to prevent year drop. It is compulsory to qualify JEE Mains examination in order to be eligible for the JEE Advanced exam which is IIT entrance examination.

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Many students believe that it is impossible to qualify JEE Mains and Advanced in the first attempt, so they usually give a second attempt and take a year drop for preparation. But many students do qualify JEE Mains in their first attempt. JEE Mains can be cleared in the first attempt by hard work and good preparation.  In this article, we will discuss these strategies and some tips to crack JEE Mains in the first attempt.

  1. Know the full syllabus of JEE Mains.
  2. Make a proper study plan.
  3. Stick to one book.
  4. Do clear your doubts.
  5. Practice mock tests and former year papers
  6. Revise regularly.
  7. Always stay healthy and positive.
  1. Know the full syllabus of JEE Mains- The most important step to crack JEE Mains in the first attempt is to review the whole syllabus. Exams like JEE and NEET have a huge syllabus so it is important to go through the whole syllabus at once. Knowing the whole syllabus can help students practice and prepare accordingly. Note the whole syllabus on a piece of paper and divide them class-wise.  Then highlight lengthy and important topics and prepare them first.
  1. Make a proper study plan – The next important step is to follow a proper timetable. Make a timetable according to your syllabus and try to devote more time to your studies. Following a timetable can make the student devote hours to study effectively and also allows him to take time for himself. Taking short breaks between long hours of continuous study maintains focus and concentration of the student.
  1. Stick to one book- Studying from a proper study material can ace your preparation for JEE Mains . Studying from a proper study material can give a better understanding of concepts and fundamentals. Studying from different reference books can cause confusion and result in wastage of time. It is best to follow NCERT books because explanations in NCERT books are point-to-point. But reference books contain more detailed explanations of the concepts with plenty of examples. Therefore, studying from a particular reference book can enhance a student’s knowledge.
  1. Do clear your doubts – A major mistake done by most of the students is ignoring their doubts. Students usually procrastinate clearing their doubts and moving forward to the next topic. This weakens their conceptual understanding. To clear all the fundamentals students should clear their doubts instantly. To crack JEE Mains in the first attempt all fundamental concepts should be crystal clear.
  1. Practice mock tests and previous year question papers-  In JEE Mains almost all questions asked are numerical based. Therefore, to qualify for the JEE in the first attempt it is important to practice plenty of questions. Questions asked in JEE Mains are of easy to moderate difficulty level, therefore, practicing questions from NCERT will be enough but to practice more variety of questions to get a good grip on the concept students can take help from reference books. To test their knowledge students are advised to give regular mock tests. Taking regular mock tests can build confidence in students. For getting a better idea of questions asked in exams, students should practice previous year papers. Most of the questions asked in JEE Mains are asked in previous years.

Paper Analysis for JEE Mains Feb 2021 session is discussed below-

  •         JEE Mains 23rd Feb 2021 overall analysis- On Feb 23rd  JEE Mains paper for B.Arch and B.Plan (Paper 2A and Paper 2B)  was conducted in two shifts successfully following COVID norms. Mathematics section in Shift 1 & 2 was moderately difficult. Most of the students were able to answer all questions in the given time limit. Aptitude section was easy in both shifts. Drawing questions asked in shift 1 were related to COVID-19 vaccination. Overall paper on day 1 was easy.
  •         JEE Mains 24th Feb 2021 overall analysis-  Day 2 of JEE Mains was conducted in two shifts for B.Tech courses. JEE Main 2021 Question Paper 24 February Morning had the most numerical questions from physical chemistry. The numerical asked were not much difficult and the mathematics section was also easy.  Overall paper was moderate and was NCERT based.
  •         JEE Mains 25th Feb 2021 overall analysis-  Morning shift of  Day 3 B.Tech was difficult for some students. Chemistry had more numerical questions than expected. Candidates found the paper a little bit longer, especially the maths section. In the evening shift, students found physics a little hard.  Overall day 3 paper was moderate.
  •         JEE Mains 26th Feb 2021 overall analysis-  The last day of JEE Main B.Tech Phase 1 was overall moderate. Morning shift paper was comparatively easier than evening shift paper. Questions asked in mathematics were not much lengthy and chemistry was much easier. Physics was also moderate.
  1. Revise regularly – Regular revision is as important as practicing previous year papers. Revision helps to remember important formulas, terms and definitions for a long time. Students should make short notes and flashcards for quick revisions.
  2. Always stay healthy and positive- Good physical and mental health is the road to success. Taking a good 8 hrs. of sleep, a balanced diet and short breaks keep both physical and mental health in a good shape. Having stress and anxiety can affect JEE Mains results in a negative way. Try to avoid any kind of stress and pressure and build strong willpower to crack JEE Mains in the first attempt.


Cracking JEE Mains in the first attempt is not impossible and can be done by following the above-mentioned tips.

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